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Erik1109's picture

Smoking Lady in stairwell

Feedback Problem for The Villas

Today when I left at 7:30 a.m. there was a lady smoking in my buildings stairwell, apparently/seemingly evicted/without a place to be. On my break I returned to find her in the same exact location, still smoking. By now the entire entry room reeks strongly of cigarettes. I left an hour later, still there...I just returned another hour later and she is still there, same step, still smoking. This is not the welcome I expect when I come to my apartment, someone sitting there is fine, but chain smoking and sitting there all day...that's a tad bit off...

dgrauman's picture

Loose trash around Building A

Feedback Problem for The Villas

There is quite a bit of loose trash around my apartment and down the outside stairwell (A big black bag full of trash to be exact). We've reported this on several occasions and yet nothing has been done with it. This packet which was passed out about a week ago reminding us of the policies is great, but if nothing is done at the property level to enforce any of it, then why should any resident care. My son wants to play outside but between the trash and the dog poop which no one cleans up I can't let him play outside and he doesn't understand why. David...

jgrannis's picture
jgrannis McKinley Employee

Dear Resident,

I do apologize for the waste issue I will keep a close eye on that area and make sure it is taken care of. In the future you may call the office and ask for the maintenance department if you notice this issue in the future. Have a great day.


dgrauman's picture

We did contact the office at least twice. The first time was about a month ago!

cknope's picture

Family Fun At The Hands On Museum

Announcement for The Villas

Tuesday 28th December 2010

10 a.m.-4 p.m.

jgrauman's picture

How "secure" are we??

Feedback Question for The Villas

I'm a little concerned about the Villas new lack of Security/Loss Prevention and the fact that we were not told about it in a timely manner. I saw another resident's recent stack of newsletters that they got a couple days ago. They live in another building. I mention that because I still haven't received my copy. It seems that the recent changes have been occuring out of order. McKinley has cancelled our access to Security/ Loss Prevention after hours. It happened a week ago, but we are only finding out about it now. Oh but we should be ok since at some time in the future they...

aricole's picture


You bring up a good point! I am Glad that the notes that were taken ,if any where taken, at the LPS Meeting we all made time to sit at was a complete waste of time and they never made it to Carrie. We have had a community watch program before and the same problems occur. Nothing has changed over the last 2 years I have lived here. The only changes that have occurred are not positive, constant change of property managers and each one has a new plan to start it all over and make it so much better and the crime rate and incidents on the property are only going up! So much for change, and listening to residents. Its hard to take ownership of your property when you have been trying to help for so long and nothing changes, we do what were told and it only gets worse.

Busia23's picture

What good will calling the office at 2am because someone is smoking in the hall going to do?

Please understand our frustration. We are asked to attend an LPS meeting where we are told certain things are in place or are planned to make this a safer community and then less than two months later, lo and behold ANOTHER change in property managers and everything is thrown out the window.

While you were not present during the LPS Meeting, your boss was. As were all of the Villas staff. Surely someone took notes?

I think this property must hold the record for the number of Community Managers that have come and gone. I've been here 4 years and I can't begin to count how many staff changes there have been.

As I said previously, I have still not recieved the packet of information that was delivered to some of the buildings. As far as coming out to meet with you at the office, I'm disabled and your building isn't exactly handicap friendly.

cynful47's picture

what about all the gun shots in building A? What are you planning to do about that?

Mcatala1's picture

WOW! Where did I moved into.

aricole's picture

LIGHTS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feedback Problem for The Villas

Building A's main lights (all hall way lights) are out not working, the leasing office notified 3 hours ago. emergency maintenance was called, and still lights out no reason why, no warning issued to residents, no mckinley staff on site to safely escort residents to their apartments. WE can not see to get a key in the door, we don't know who is lurking in the halls. We stopped at the main gate to get an escort or flash light and were told that he couldn't do anything and to call maintenance or DTE, then changed story after argument and said he would call his supervisor in 15...

JMan's picture

That's all you guy's ever say is i'm sorry but yet you do NOTHING to resolve any of our concerns. You are more then happy to take our rent and if we can't pay on time you give us a late fee, if all we said was were sorry that would not be good enough for you all, why is it ok for you to tells us that ALL the time?

aricole's picture

JMan is correct, how about instead of apologizing and offering an LPS team member(which no longer exist by the way), why dont you get the electrician to fix the emergency battery back up lights that are by law supposed to automatically come on in a power outage fixed that way we don't have to wait for some one to come fix it to safely walk up and down the Hall ways! As residents we have rights and i feel this company neglects to understand/realize that.

dgrauman's picture

I just stumbled across this post and can only speak to what I know, but on December 10th when the electricians were here to fix the electrical all of the main floor emergency lights stopped working by Noon. I went out around 10:30am and the only working emergency light at that time was the one closest to the north entrance, but by the time I got home, which was around 12-12:30 not one of the main floor emergency lights were working at all.


cknope's picture

New South Gate Parking Lot Hours

Announcement for The Villas

Attention Villas Residents !!

aricole's picture

Thanks for the up date. a little disappointed but still hoping you plan to use the parking tags and leave the gate down 24/7.

wepps's picture

Exciting Project!

Announcement for Multiple Communities

The Township has approved a measure that will take Golfside rd from Packard to Clark Rd, down from 4 lanes to 3 lanes (2 north/south lanes and a turn lane)! Plus bike lanes in both directions! This project will start next year, though there is no set date for construction to begin.This will significantly reduce car crashes on our stretch of Golfside, make left turns out of Aspen Chase and The Villas easier, and St. Joe employees along with WCC students are BIG winners with a clear path to bike to work and school! Check out the link for more details below

s1dguy's picture

Tolling Policy Sucks

Feedback Problem for The Villas

I live in the Villas apartment in Ypsilanti, MI. On Sunday October 31st, my son was returning from Kalamazoo, MI and barely missed being in a serious accident. As a result he lost the front driver tire and I had to drive from Ypsilanti to Kalamazoo to have his car tolled back from Kalamazoo to the Villas apartment. I have no family or friends in this area so his car had to be toll to the Villas apartment. We arrived back to the apartments about 6:45 PM. The car had to be lowered on jack-stands due to the missing front tire. I informed my son that he would have to get the car fixed as soon as...

kristen.ramsden's picture

“Sounds of POWER Presents in concert Mr. John E. Lawrence”

Event for The Villas

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A Fund raising event to provide resources to Washtenaw residents with housing, education, family support services and economic development. Come and enjoy an evening of wonderful jazz with Mr. John E. Lawrence.

dillzmusic's picture


Feedback Problem for The Villas

So we have little red ants in our walls in buldg 7 & 9, they are coming from the outlet in my bathroom and from a small hole in the wall in my roommate's bathroom. this is becoming a really big issue and we hope its resolved soon.....

kristen.ramsden's picture
kristen.ramsden McKinley Employee

Dear Resident,

I am very sorry to hear that you are having problems with ants in your buildings. Our pest control company will be out on Wednesday, I would like to send them to your apartments. If you would please contact me so that I can get you on the schedule, I would appreciate it. Thank you again for informing us of this situation, we will resolve it for you.

Kristen Ramsden
Senior Community Manager
The Villas
2911 Bynan Drive
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
Phone: (734) 434-1743
Fax: (734) 434-5291