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Ypsilanti, Michigan, 48197

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Water Shut Off to Buildings 1-11

Announcement for The Villas

Dear Residents of the Villas,We had a water main break in on of our apartments this afternoon and wanted to apologize for the inconveinance that it has caused everyone. We are working on this break as I write this and trying to get it repaired so that we may get your water turned back on as soon as we can. Again I am sorry for the delay and I hope eveyone has a great evening.Jason GrannisMaintenance Supervisor

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Emergency Number?

Feedback Problem for The Villas

Does anyone have the emergency maintenance phone number? Our water just randomly stopped working and we can't find the phone number anywhere...

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jgrannis McKinley Employee

Dear Mical,

The water is currently shut off do to a water main break. We hope to have this issue resolved shortly. Sorry for the inconveinance.

Jason Grannis
Maintenance Supervisor

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Changing Resident Status

Feedback Question for The Villas

I moved from The Villas to Glencoe Hills and I would like to pay rent today online for my Glencoe address. How do I change my resident status online? When I click "Pay Rent," it directs me to a box to change my resident status, but it does not go through. Help?<br /> <br /> Natalie...

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jgrasshoff McKinley Employee

Have you stopped in to Glencoe Hills and picked up your new Resident ID to link you to their account?

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Laundry Card Update

Announcement for The Villas

Dear Residents,Please bare with us as we are working to get the credit card system back up and running for the laundry cards. The cash part of the system is still accessible during office hours. We are sorry for any inconvenience that has been caused. We appreciate your patience. Thank you,Team Villas

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Staff Picks Minn vs. Mich Big Ten Opener

Announcement for The Villas

It is that time of year where Michigan rolls in to Big Ten play with an 4-0 record and ranked #19 in the nation. Here is what the staff predicts the outcome to be tomorrow. Jeremy Mich. 38Minn. 13 Keith Mich. 31Minn. 17 Megan <~~~ OSU Fan :*( Mich. 24 OSU 21 Booooooo!!! :) Minn. 6 MSU 10

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Announcement for The Villas

I just wanted to remind everyone that we apply late fees on Sunday, October 2nd. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!Megan

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Kid Friendly Corn Maze

Event for The Villas


6175 Daly Rd. Dexter The Blast Corn Maze Website


$7 for adults, $5 for children age 5-12; Children 4 and under get in free. Group rates for 15 or more people are $5 each. Hayrides: $3.00/ride.

More Info:

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Rent time again :)

Announcement for The Villas

Dear Valued Residents, Just a friendly reminder that rent is due on the 1st. I hope everyone has a fabulous October!!Sincerely,Megan LegierCustomer Service Manager

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Announcement for The Villas

Dear Valued Residents,Currently at this time the credit/debit system to load money onto the laundry cards is out of order. The Great Lakes Company was out today to service it and will be back next week to continue making repairs. Please bare with us while the credit/debit portion of the system is down. The cash side is still up and running just fine. Sincerely,The Villas

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Intercom System

Announcement for The Villas

Dear Residents of Buildings A&10,I would like to update everyone on the intercom system in your building. First I do apologize for the time to get them up and running. I have been in contact with our contractor to repair these items and after several tests to the system we found that the Mircom dialer has failed and needs to be replaced. As it stands right now we are just waiting for the parts to clear customs. As soon as that happens and they are delivered we will waste no time getting them installed and have your intercom's up and running like new again. Again I Apologize for the...