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Grizzlybear's picture

Abandoned furniture in building

Feedback Problem for Schooner Cove

Hello, someone has left their dismantled bed stacked at the end of the hallway in 8775. This is a real eyesore!'s picture
ashleigh.nesmit... McKinley Employee

Hi Errin! 

Thank you for letting us know! I apologize for the delay in replying to this. I checked with a member of our maintenance team and they confirmed it was removed yesterday afternoon. Please let us know if this happens again. Have a great Wednesday! 

Ashleigh Nesmith | Assistant Community Manager |

FabiolaGisselle's picture

Found Dogs

Feedback Question for Schooner Cove

The humane society has posted the following, along with a picture. I know I’ve seen these pups being walked around schooner cove, and they were found in the area. I know the office requires pictures and information on all dogs at schooner. Please help Find their owner. These dogs were found on 10/30/19 at Huron River Dr and Tuttle Hill Rd at Schooner Cove – Ypsilanti Township. If you think this might be your lost pet, please copy down the ID number listed, and call the HSHV Intake Department at 734-661-3545 for more information. We may need you to bring specific things with you to the shelter...'s picture
ashleigh.nesmit... McKinley Employee

Hi Fabiola! 

Thank you for posting this and bringing it to our attention. If their owners come by today, I will pass along the HSHV information to them. I hope the pups make their way home soon! Have a great Monday!

Ashleigh Nesmith | Assistant Community Manager |

CantA4dRent's picture

Rent Payment

Feedback Question for Schooner Cove

I guess I’m a bit confused about how I would pay rent from a money order if you guys are closed on the weekend. I wasn’t able to pay on the first, so yesterday (November 2nd) I did a money order, thinking there was a rent drop off at the office. I could Only find a key drop off so I placed the money order there and kept the receipt. My issue is that there is no one to tell it’s there, no one to answer questions, no one to help at all on weekends.

kealoveschachi's picture

I had the same problem, but was nervous about leaving it there. I'm hoping the fee will be waived Monday's picture
ashleigh.nesmit... McKinley Employee

Hi Mykea and Auctavia! 

Thank you for leaving feedback on my.mckinley. We have actually asked residents to not put payments in the key drop box for the past year. If you need to bring a payment to the office, we like to be able to give you a receipt and keep your payment in our lockbox until it is processed. The most convenient way to pay rent is actually through the my.mckinley portal- you can use bank account info or a debit card. I'm happy to help you set up payment information on the portal if you'd like to stop by the office. Have a great Monday! 

Ashleigh Nesmith | Assistant Community Manager |

dhockenhull's picture

8775 building buzzer/security system down

Feedback Problem for Schooner Cove

The door buzzer is down again in building 8775 Spinnaker Way. Also, the hall lights are out as well. I am not sure if a fuse has blown.'s picture
ashleigh.nesmit... McKinley Employee

Hi D'Sjonaun! 

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will sync up with maintenance first thing this morning and have them head over to 8775. Have a great day! 


Ashleigh Nesmith | Assistant Community Manager |'s picture

October 31st Office Hours

Announcement for Schooner Cove

Good Morning Schooner Cove Residents,

The Management Office will be closing early on Thursday, October 31st at 3PM. Our office will open for normal scheduled business hours on Friday, November 1st, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Should you have a maintenance emergency, please call the Management Office at 734-485-8666 and follow the prompts to be connected to one of our maintenance technicians.

Have a great Wednesday!

Ashleigh Nesmith | Assistant Community Manager

kate.roberts's picture

AT&T Resident Event

Announcement for Schooner Cove

...'s picture

November Rent Reminder

Announcement for Schooner Cove

Good Morning Schooner Cove Residents!

This is a friendly reminder that rent payments are due Friday, November 1st, 2019. Rent must be received by 11:59p on November 2, 2019, to avoid the first late fee of $30.

Please see below for the multiple convenient options that you have as a resident to make your rent payment each month:

1) Check or Money Order brought to the office Monday-Friday 10am-6pm (7pm on Thursdays).

2) Pay online at with a debit card or credit card. Debit card payments are subject to a flat $4.95 convenience fee per transaction...

anmckenzie89's picture

Missing Packagr

Feedback Problem for Schooner Cove

Hello, I’m a nerf and had my package delivered to the wrong address. It was delivered to “5079 Bosuns way Apt B3” If you have a package from urban outfitters for Alyssa-Nicole McKenzie can you please take it to the office. I really appreciate it, thank you.

kate.roberts's picture
kate.roberts McKinley Employee

Hello Alyssa-Nicole,

Thank you for taking the time to inquire about your Urban Outfitters package. I did want to inform you that 5079 Bosuns Way Apt B3 is not an address at Schooner Cove. I would suggest reaching out to the carrier to see if they can confirm the delivery date as well as delivery location of your package. If you have any additional questions, please contact the office directly at 734-485-8666, thank you and have a wonderful day!




kate.roberts's picture

Trick or Treat at Schooner Cove

Announcement for Schooner Cove

...'s picture

PayLease Scheduled Maintenance

Announcement for Schooner Cove

Good Morning Schooer Cove Residents,

PayLease is scheduled to have maintenance performed on Saturday, October 26, 2019 from 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM Sunday morning. During this time, the PayLease website and payment portal will be down and residents will be unable to make a payment. Once the maintenance is completed, the website will resume as normal. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate your patience and understanding in advance.

Have a wonderful day!

Ashleigh Nesmith | Assistant Community Manager