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Feedback Question for Roundtree

Is there a place we could exchange cash for cents located on the community to wash ?

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I get rolls of quarters from my credit union or loose quarters from the car wash place on Ellsworth/Hewitt where all the auto businesses are located.

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tia.davis McKinley Employee

This is a great question. Thank you for using My.Mckinley. 

Quarters are not required for laundry if you download the free app on your phone. The app is called Micro Payments GS it is available on Apple and Android phones. Just download the app add money as you would to a laundry card. Then take your phone with you to the laundry room and the payment works via Bluetooth, just follow the directions from the app. 

If you already had cash, quarters are still an option. I suggest getting quarters from your bank like your fellow resident suggested or customer service at Wal-Mart or Meijer normally cash checks. So they typically have rolls of quarters available.

Please let me know if you have any further questions. Have a great weekend!


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Last time I tried Wal-Mart, they wouldn't exchange for quarters, though that was a while ago. Areseaton, the Huntington bank in Meijer exchanged $10 or $20 for equivalent rolls of quarters with no trouble.

Alternatively, the app Tia mentioned also works, at least the Android version.

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tia.davis McKinley Employee

Thank you so much for that information. It is beginning to sound like only banks or credit unions will exchange cash for quarters. Another idea is to go to a laundry mat. There is one right off of Washtenaw and Golfside that is 24 hours. They have a machine that will exchange cash for quarters even if you are not doing laundry there. I hope this is helpful!


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Late Open on Friday, 10/4

Announcement for Roundtree

Good Morning Roundtree Residents,

We would like to inform you of a late opening for the management office on Friday, October 4, 2019. The office will be opening at 11 am on Friday and will close at 6 pm. In the event of a maintenance emergency prior to opening, please contact the office at 734-434-1470 and follow the prompts to be connected to a member of our maintenance team.

We appreciate your understanding and hope you have a wonderful rest of your week.

Tia Davis | Community Manager

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Cider and Donuts tomorrow, 10/2

Announcement for Roundtree


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October Rent Reminder

Announcement for Roundtree

Good Morning Roundtree,

I hope you are having a great day so far. I wanted to send out a quick reminder that October rent is due today. If you have already made your payment, thank you! If not, we would love to see you today. Please stop by the office today for a sweet treat while you make your rent payment. Please remember, any payment received after 11:59 pm on 10/2/19 will be subject to late fees.

Please refer to the following options for making your payment:

1. Pay On-Line at :...

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Non-Smoking Community Reminder

Announcement for Roundtree

September 25, 2019

Dear Residents,

This is a friendly but very urgent reminder that our community is smoke-free. It is a lease violation if you do not adhere to the “Smoke-Free Addendum” and this violation of your lease agreement can result in the termination of your lease.

“Smoke-free Addendum”

1. This is designated a smoke-free community. Smoking is absolutely prohibited in all buildings and common areas, public and private spaces, including, but not limited to, apartment units, building hallways, laundry rooms, storage areas, vestibules, offices, parking...

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High water usage for your building

Announcement for Roundtree

Attention Residents of Building 2923

Water is a precious resource and we want to help conserve water as much as possible. Since water is a shared expense in each building, we wanted to make sure we are doing everything we possibly can to keep this bill down for our residents. We have noticed a recent spike in water usage for your building and we need your help. Please do a quick check of your home for the following items:

Running Toilet Dripping faucets in all sinks and tubs Leaks- especially under the kitchen sink or bathroom sink

If you find any of the items listed above...

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Smoking at 2955

Feedback Problem for Roundtree

Someone from 2955 is smoking right outside the building. Can we please enforce the no-smoking policy? Tell them to walk to Ellsworth. (I know who it is.)

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tia.davis McKinley Employee

Thank you for using My.Mckinley to report a problem and for bringing this to our attention. I gave you a call today to discuss further but feel free to respond via email as well. We are a smoke-free community and smoking of any kind is prohibited in the building and on the grounds. I will send a notice to the residents of your building reminding of the smoke-free policy.  Anyone with more information, please reach out to the office. This is a serious lease violation and will be treated as such. 

Thank you so much for your help. Have a great weekend.


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Pool Closing Tomorrow, 9/20

Announcement for Roundtree

Good Morning Roundtree,

I hope everyone is enjoying these last warm days before fall is officially here. Our pool is scheduled to close tomorrow, September 20, 2019. If you would like to take one last dip or just enjoy the pool deck, today will be the last day. The pool will be closing by mid-afternoon tomorrow.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day.


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Abbreviated Office hours tomorrow, 9/19

Announcement for Roundtree

Good Afternoon Roundtree,

The office will be closing at 11:30 AM tomorrow, Thursday, September 19th for a company event.

We will resume normal office hours on Friday, September 20th. at 10 am.

If you have a maintenance emergency, please call the office at 734.434.1470. Our emergency on-call team will still be available during this time.

Have a great day!

The Roundtree Team