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Thursday 1/31/19: Interrupted Heat

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Good Morning Courtyards and Springs Residents,

The cold temperature is outrageous! It is currently -36 below zero outside! BRRRRRRRR!

You may experience interrupted heat throughout the day. The weather is so bitter cold that it is freezing the boiler exhausts; subsequently causing the boilers to shut down. We have a WONDERFUL Maintenance Team that have been literally running from boiler to boiler throughout last night and this morning to chip off the ice on the exhausts to keep the heat running.

We have a total of 36 boilers and rest assured every single...'s picture

Rent Payment System has CHANGED!

Announcement for Multiple Communities

...'s picture

FREEZING TEMPS= Broken pipes and loss of heat and water

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Good Afternoon Residents,

The coming days will bring another round of below freezing temperatures. In fact we won’t see day time highs above 0 until Friday afternoon. This is just a friendly reminder, as we will need your help again to avoid major issues that can come with cold temperatures.

When the temperature takes a nose-dive to 10 degrees above zero, or colder, you can help prevent frozen water pipes and breakage of water lines by doing the following:

Open all water faucets in your apartment to a steady stream of 1/8 inch or less, but not a drip . This helps to...


Heat! Heat! Heat!
Yesterday an email was sent with instructions on how to maintain a warm home and prevention on how to keep pipes from bursting. The irony is my apartment HAS be maintenanced an when I return home from work (yesterday a day before the BIG CHILL) it was chilly in my apartment ! I felt the heat vents an they haven’t been on ( including that evening)!!!
Today it is colder and no heat!!!!!! It was said tentns should maintain an apartment at least at 60 degrees *correct!!! MY ISSUE is that I can’t regulate my heat in my home , so how can I maintain 60 degree average when I haven’t had proper heat since the day before ...... I pay rent to have that resource provide and it is not!!!!!!! I gotten all kind of excuses from the front office about the heat takes time blah, blah, blah ...... but I have yet to wake up to a decent temperature unit!!!
I ve been patient and now I m st my wits end with this heat issue! What provision or commadations are you going to provide for cold homes?!!'s picture
andrea.mack@mck... McKinley Employee

Good Morning Jamilah,

Unfortuantely with these weather breaking temps, the boilers are working to the best of their abilities. This isn't isolated to just The Courtyards; the County is under a major freeze due to the record breaking fridged temperatures. 

Our Maintenance Team has been checking every boiler around the clock to make sure all are functioning. When a resident reports a "no heat" work order, one of our technicians will arrive and check the temperature in the center of every room and also the temperature of the heat run pipes to ensure the tempertures are adequate. All temperature readings are recorded on the work order. 

I pulled your recent work order and see that the temperatures ranged from 77F to 83F. This is considered sufficient heat. The boiler will not kick out higher temperatures than this during the freeze out we are experiencing.

When you posted this yesterday, we dispatched a tech again but a minor was home so we were not able to enter. Our maintenancfe coordinator did attempt to reach you to arrange a time when we could come back when either the minor was not home alone or when an adult was present. 

I have been listening to the maintenance radio all morning and techs have been at the boiler that services your home multiple times this morning. Please contact the maintenance office for all maintenance concerns or if you would like a tech to come to your home for either heat concerns or any maintenance needs.

The weather should break tomorrow! Stay warm!


Andrea Mack

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andrea.mack@mck... McKinley Employee


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The temps the techs are taking are of the pipes running along the wall that does not translate to room temps, it is the wall temps and air temperatures that are very low in my apartment it was 60 degrees in my upstairs last night so cold I slept in my clothes.'s picture


Announcement for Multiple Communities

TONIGHT (1/29/19) THROUGH THURSDAY (1/31/19): The coldest air in 25 years; potentially record breaking with a low of -40 degrees below zero!!

The coldest day in recorded Detroit weather history was 1/29/1994 with a low of -20 degrees. We will approach and likely surpass that number tomorrow!

DANGERS : Frostbite will occur on exposed skin in as little as 10 minutes. Hypothermia and death are possible if precautions are not taken....'s picture

Leasing Office closing at 2:00pm Monday 1/28/19

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Dear Valued Courtyards & Springs Residents:

Due to the impending snow storm the office will be closing at 2:00PM today. If you experience a maintenance emergency, please call 734-942-7451 and follow the prompts to be connected to a member of our emergency maintenance team.

Our Maintenance Team will begin snow removal beginning at 5:00am on Tuesday 1/29/10 or if there is a significant break in the weather. Our initial focus will be to clear openings at the main entrances, throughout parking lots and sidewalks to enable those who must travel, safe ingress and egress....

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Join us TODAY for a Game of Bingo!

Event for Multiple Communities


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Not Heat

Feedback Problem for The Springs

No Heat, Three degrees outside, maintenance notified no response yet.'s picture
andrea.mack@mck... McKinley Employee

Good Morning,

I am not sure if you were home ysterday when maintenance arrived. Our tech was there within 20 mins of the post on MyMckinley. If you are having further issues with this or any other maintenance concern please contact us via this site or by calling the maintenance line at 734-942-7451.


Warm Regards,

Andrea Mack

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Announcement for Multiple Communities


Good Morning Courtyards and Springs Residents:

Due to the above average weather we will be experiencing in the coming days, please be careful when entering and exiting the community; along with walking to and from your vehicle and around the community.

We anticipate conditions where ice and snow will melt and refreeze throughout the day and night. Please know our maintenance staff will be out at various times diligently salting the community, to eliminate any accumulation of ice and snow. If you find any areas that you feel need additional attention please...

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Storm Door

Feedback Question for The Springs

I would like a storm door how do I get one? Thanks's picture
andrea.mack@mck... McKinley Employee

Good Morning Mr. Lavender,

There are a few option for having a screen door at your entry:

1. You could purchase a white screen door and install yourself.

2. You could purchase a white screen door and have us install on your behalf **

3. We could purchase the white screen door and install on your behalf **

Both options 2 and 3 have a maintenance charge associated. I will have our Maintenance Coordinator reach out to you and proceed with whichever options you chose. Certainly, you can always call our Maintenance Department directly at 734-942-7451.



Andrea Mack

Community Manager

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Car Stolen

Feedback Problem for The Springs

My car was stolen the friday before Christmas and i am just wondering why do you even have a guard booth in the back by leroy if you guys never have plans to occupy it? before you ask yes i did contact taylor pd and filed a report. There are people who park in the back there on a number of occasions and the only thing i see lps do is put up tow signs on the empty booth! the person who stole my car had to drive back to the front of the courtyards in order to get out i don't know if taylor pd requested any footage from you guys but my car probably would have never gotten taken if there was...'s picture
andrea.mack@mck... McKinley Employee

Dear Mr. Lakes,

I am very sorry to hear this. Submitting a police report is always a good recommendation and I am glad to see that you have done so.

Have you called the authorized towing company to ensure the car was not towed?  Martin's Towing is the company that we use. Their number is 734-283-8003.

The gatehouse hasn't been manned in quite some time. The cattle gates are locked at 5:00pm which is more effective than having the gatehouse manned. Unfortunately, some resident(s)/guest(s) will run the gate arm at the Courtyards entrance. With the cattle gates being lokced at The Springs back entrance, this is a much more effective way of securing the entrance/exit; in that no car can enter or leave the site unless the chains and locks are manually cut. 

I think having your car stolen in tragic and I am sorry this happened to you. That being said, having/not having a manned gatehouse does not guarantee whether or not it would have been. It is a fact that no security system, courtesy personnel or electronic security device can guarantee protection against crime. Even elaborate security systems are subject to mechanical malfunction, tampering, human error or personnel absenteeism can be defeated or avoided by clever criminals. 

I am not sure if Taylor Police have requested any footage. I will reach out to LPS today to inquire and be sure to respond to you accordingly. i will also give LPS your contact information in the event you have not already spoke with them. 

I hope with Taylor Police and our security cameras, you car is successfully tracked down.



Andrea Mack

Community Manager