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Copy of lease

Feedback Question for The Springs

In the lease section it doesn’t show the address is there a way I can get a copy of my lease and possibly have a member of management put it in the mailbox by the door? It’s to enroll my daughter in kindergarten and I’m not usually home during office hours

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andrea.mack@mck... McKinley Employee

Good Morning,

Absolutely! We will have it in your mailbox today.

Andrea Mack
Community Manager

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We Appreciate You, Mom!

Event for Multiple Communities

Please call us at 734-941-5679 if you have any questions!...

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Renters Insurance

Feedback Question for The Springs

I now have renters insurance. And, I was wondering, if I needed to turn in any kind of paper work showing that I have the Insurance? The Policy started this month.

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RobinRoark McKinley Employee

Hi Anthony,

Congratulations on your responsible decision to obtain renter's insurance!  We do recommend that all residents carry their own policy.  Our insurance does not cover your personal belongings under any circumstances, and your own renter's insurance may also protect you in the event you cause property damage such as a fire.  It's a great diea to protect yourself and others. so thank you for taking the initiative and obtaining the policy!  We do not require you to submit any documentation to us.  Thank you for your inquiry, and thank you for your residency here at The Springs.'s picture

Communication Regarding Gas Leaks & Your Safety

Announcement for Multiple Communities


At The Courtyards & Springs, natural gas is used as a source of fuel. One of the greatest dangers to you and your family is natural gas leaks, which can be deadly.

Your natural gas supplier, DTE Energy, adds a harmless chemical to natural gas to give it a distinct smell. This smell is often described as “rotten-egg-like” or smelling like Sulphur.734 This chemical is added so that it is easier to detect a potentially deadly gas leak.

IF YOU SMELL THIS ROTTEN EGG LIKE SMELL, it may be a good indication...

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Kindergarten Round Up!

Announcement for Multiple Communities

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Springs Mortgage Inspection: This Monday 4/1/19

Announcement for The Springs


Dear Valued Springs Residents:

As a gentle reminder, the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development will be completing a mandatory inspection of The Springs this coming:

Monday April 1, 2019

This is a mortgage inspection and is extremely important to the overall success of The Springs Community. We thank you for all of your patience and understanding while inspections and maintenance work has been going on inside and outside your homes!


The federal inspector will arrive Monday morning and...

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Join us on 4/17 for an Easter Egg Hunt!

Event for Multiple Communities


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Tornado Drill!

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Dear Valued Residents,

On Wednesday, March 27 2019 there is going to be a statewide Tornado Drill starting at 1 pm. You will be hearing the sirens going off, but there is no need to be alarmed. If you have any questions or concerns please call us at 734-941-5679.

Enjoy the beautiful weather, it looks like Spring is finally here!!!


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Join us Today for a Pizza Party!

Event for Multiple Communities

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Coffee with The Principle of Meyers Elementary School

Event for Multiple Communities

Does your child(ren) attend or plan on attending Myers Elementary School ? If so, this is a GREAT opportunity to meet with Principle Hodgkinson !

Location : The Ponds Community Center

15111 Pond Village Drive

Taylor, MI 48180

Date : Tuesday, March 12th

Time : 9:30 a.m.

You will hear about what is currently going on in the school and plans. Discuss with Principal Hodgkinson any...