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Gas Leak Awareness

Announcement for The Parks


At The Parks, natural gas is used as a source of fuel. One of the greatest dangers to you and your family is natural gas leaks, which can be deadly.

Your natural gas supplier, DTE Energy, adds a harmless chemical to natural gas to give it a distinct smell. This smell is often described as “rotten-egg-like” or smelling like Sulphur. This chemical is added so that it is easier to detect a potentially deadly gas leak.

IF YOU SMELL THIS ROTTEN EGG LIKE SMELL, it may be a good indication of a natural gas leak....

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Step Repaired

Feedback Praise for The Parks

My step was repaired and reinforced, it is better than ever. He did a great job. I emptied the whole storage area I am not sure he checked all steps as I requested but I have no problems now. Thanks

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JonWoolum McKinley Employee

Good morning Annette,

Thank you for the awesome feedback. I told our tech to make sure he checks every step under there since you have it cleared out. If you have any other questions or concerns to please let us know. I am very happy your thrilled with the service you received. Have an amazing day Annette!

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Event for The Parks

Good morning residents of The Parks,

We have our next event planned and scheduled out for you. Since Easter is upon us here in a matter of 2 weeks (almost) we will be having a Easter egg hunt. We will have TONS of eggs filled with amazing goodies for all age groups. You should have received a flyer or two in the mailbox by now and more will follow to remind you of this event.

All we ask from you is to bring bags to carry all the eggs in that you found and to eat all the goodies you find! If you have questions at all to please reach out to the office at 734-942-0180. Thank...

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Announcement for The Parks

Good afternoon,

Tomorrow morning we will be passing out bagged breakfast from 7am till we run out of bags. We will be meeting and greeting you at the exit gate with a bag filled with a great way to start your day.

THEN, starting at 9am we will be making brekafast in the clubhouse. We will be making eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, bagels, fruit, and so much more.

We want to invite each and every resident to come on up tomorrow to eat a good breakfast to get you started for the day. If you can't make it because you have work, no worries we will be seeing you on your...

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Feedback Problem for The Parks

As a first time mover , I understand that apartments have there issues but to deal with field mice for over a month, is ridiculous. Being a single mom of two , and having your daughter go through chemotherapy once a week , with her illness I HAVE to keep things clean around my apartment, but I do understand mice just want a warm place to stay.i am NOT comfortable with living with mice . However, this is my fourth time bringing this to the office attention. I was told from administrators that my problem was not an emergency and I should continue to let them eat the poison that maintenance...

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Allexis Berry-Phelps

As a first mover , I expected the administrators to take this matter serious , it’s almost as if they thought it was a joke when I told them about the mice being in my building. Like I stated before my daughter gets chemotherapy once a week, so keeping a clean place is important.

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If the fall cleanup crew didn’t just blow everything on people patios to make lovely little warm homes for critters right next to the buildings we wouldn’t have this issue. Not rocket science right? We asked for almost 3 weeks for someone to come remove it so we wouldn’t have this issue, after the third week I went and bagged it up my self. Can I charge them $50 for cleanup since they charge us if you leave a box or bag on the front porch for a few hours???

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Dogs and disrespectful owners

Feedback Problem for The Parks

Can you please put a flyer out to remind dog owners to NOT let their dog poop in other peoples yards AND LEAVE IT THERE??? When I take my dog out I keep her on the sidewalk until we get to the side yard, she is NEVER allowed to potty in anyone else’s yard, yet I keep watching people let their dog pee on my fence on their way by and lately I’ve been finding poop in my backyard as well! People need to be more respectful!

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JonWoolum McKinley Employee

Good afternoon April, thank you so much for the feedback. Yes, We will address the pet waste issue for sure. I noticed that it has become a problem as of late. I do ask that you let us know who it is that is doing this as well because it is a lease violation and a charge for every pile left. If your able to locate the resident who is doing this that would be appreciated. I know it's not always easy to do so. Thank you April!

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I am on a corner lot and clean up 3-4 piles a day. Trust me, my one dog does her business once a day (or so) and I clean that up. I have come to realize a good chunk of people that live here don't care about others let along themselves.

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Neighbor Noise complaint

Feedback Problem for The Parks

My neighbors literally just had a car on the sidewalk between the bulidings, blaring rap music and making noise. They just did it twice. Annoying and dangerous.

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JonWoolum McKinley Employee

Thank you for the feedback Arica. I will be reaching out to you today to confirm which neighbor it is that is doing this. Please call us anytime to notify us of any noise issue at 734-942-0180 or if it's after hours to call LPS at 734-891-2088. LPS will come out and inspect the issue. Thank you again for the feedback and we will be talking soon.

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What happened to my Auto-pay?

Feedback Problem for The Parks

I received a letter dated for February 2, 2019 stating a demand for rent, with 2 late fees attached to the amount. My rent is on auto pay, why was it not paid. I did not receive any notification of a change to auto-pay, I paid my rent on the 7th, I did not include any late fees. Can I be provided with information about this situation. I called the office, no one answered and I am not able to get to the office. I want this issued settled as soon as possible.

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michaeldouglas McKinley Employee

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, your concerns are very importance to us.  I will review your account and contact you today.


Michael Douglas
Customer Service Manager.
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I have searched for any information about auto-pay, I didn't see it in the announcements, never contacted nor received any type of flyer stating the need for an update as my information is the same. I did pay my rent. I will be waiting to hear from you Mr. Douglas.

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Exercise facility

Feedback Question for The Parks

Any idea when the treadmills in the exercise facility will be repaired, or replaced? Neither one of them are working.

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JonWoolum McKinley Employee

Hey Cheryl, thanks for the feedback. I apologize that the exercise equipment went down. We have fixed one of the treadmills and we will be getting a new treadmill and a new stepper hopefully soon. Some of the equipment  is older but we are working to change that. So please be looking for some new equipment in the next month. Thank you Cheryl!

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Bathroom tub

Feedback Problem for The Parks

Mold around the tub.

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Mold around bathroom tub