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*Temporary Water Shutoff*

Announcement for Traver Crossing

Good afternoon,

I'm reaching out to share of a temporary water shut off for buildings 1081, 1079, 1077, and 1075. We appeciate your cooperation and patience as we move as quickly as possible to get this back on for everyone. This shut off should only be lasting for about 30 more minutes now.

If there are questions or concerns, you're welcome to give us a call here in the office at (734) 794-3980.

Thank you!

Jordan Shepherd
Traver Crossing Apartments

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Balcony/Patio Update

Announcement for Traver Crossing

Good afternoon Neighbors of Traver Crossing!

We received the City’s approval for the building phase of the balconies/patios and construction begins this week. The construction schedule is weather dependent, but the crew is ready to go. They’ll be working hard to wrap up the building phase as quickly as possible. We thank you for your patience and understanding and we look forward to you being able to enjoy your new outdoor space.

If you have any questions, please contact Jessica at 734-794-3980 or

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Balcony Repairs - Estimated Completion Date?

Feedback Question for Traver Crossing

Hello, Do you have an estimate of when the balcony repairs would be completed? Hoping to enjoy the last few warm weeks outside !! Thank you

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jessica.ennis McKinley Employee

We hope so too! The plans for construction were approved by the City and the building crew is ready to start this week. As we have more specific updates we'll be able to provide that information to the community. 

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Feedback Problem for Traver Crossing

Lock your car. Two golf bags taken from trunk of unlocked car, and it was likely here in the last 48 hours. Also stole bag with a pair of women's golf shoes after removing visor from the same bag and leaving it. They had time to peruse. Probably in the dark like sneaks will do. Left the men's golf shoes size 15. I know their game will suffer as a result of this cowardly act...

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jessica.ennis McKinley Employee

I'm so sorry that this very unfortunate situation happened to you. I spoke with Larry in the office this morning and hope that I was able to assist. Please let me know if you receive any updates or additional information. 

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Traver Road Construction

Announcement for Traver Crossing

Good afternoon Neighbors of Traver Crossing!

We received notification that Traver Road will be resurfaced from September 3 through September 5 , depending on the weather.

Please be aware of the “No Parking” signs they are installing along Traver Road.

They request that the street be clear of parked cars from 7am until 8pm from September 3 through September 5 . They advise that parked cars will be towed.

If there is rain, the resurfacing will take place the following day.

We understand that this is the preferred parking location for some of...

hayleyabourezkpinkstone's picture

Hi! Thank you for the notice. Can someone clarify whether this only applies to the public street Traver Rd. (that intersects with Barton Dr.), or whether this also applies to Traver Rd. within the apartment home complex? Google and Apple maps suggest that one of the streets within the complex is called Traver Rd., so I'm just checking. In other words - if we are parked within the complex do we need to move our cars? Thank you!

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jessica.ennis McKinley Employee

Good morning! That's an excellent question. The construction applies only to the Traver Road outside the community. If you park within the community then you are not impacted by the paving. If you have any additional questions, please let us know. 

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Office Hours

Announcement for Traver Crossing

Happy Friday Residents of Traver Crossing!

In Honor of Labor Day our office will be closed on Monday, September 2nd . The office will resume normal business hours on

Tuesday, September 3rd from 10 am – 6 pm.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you have a maintenance emergency, please contact us at 734-794-3980.

Beginning August 31 we say farewell to the Summer Office Hours. The office will no longer be open on Saturdays.

Monday 10 am - 6 pm

Tuesday 10 am - 6 pm

Wednesday 10 am -...

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Announcement for Traver Crossing

Good afternoon Residents of Traver Crossing!

Reaching out to provide you with some updates and introductions to our staff.

Our maintenance team is headed up by Robert. He has spectacular fix-it skills and keeps things running smoothly. He’s a total dog-lover with a pack of his own.

Andrew is a talented technician who loves Chemistry! He’s got a great sense of humor and is always ready to lend a hand.

Kevin has joined the team to train with our experienced maintenance department. He’s dedicated and always ready to learn. We look forward to celebrating the...

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~ September Rent Reminder ~

Announcement for Traver Crossing

Good morning, Traver Crossing Residents,

I'm sending out a friendly reminder that your September rent + utilities are due this Sunday, September 1st. With the holiday this Monday, 9/2, and the office being closed, that does not change the dates for when rent's due. Below you'll find the dates that coincide with when payments need to be made:

• Sunday, Septmeber 1st: Rent + utilities are due.
• Monday, September 2nd: The one-day grace period where you can still make your rental payment without late fees being accrued.
• Tuesday, September 3rd: The first late...

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Unhappy with communication

Feedback Problem for Traver Crossing

Hello - I've lived at Traver Crossing for over a year. While I generally have enjoyed living at this property and appreciate the community I've fostered with neighbors, I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable with some of the management issues I'm seeing. First is that we have had 3 property managers since I have moved in - I loved working with Melissa, she was friendly and prompt in reply. The community also fostered information about staff members under Melissa's leadership, so it was clear who should be in buildings, etc. This was helpful not only for community...

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jessica.ennis McKinley Employee

Thank you, Elyse, for sharing your concerns and reaching out to us. I look forward to speaking with you at your earliest convenience. I know you have a busy schedule. Let me know a good time to reach you. 

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+1 to this comment. Communication is terrible around here and I also saw the downward progression from how great it was with Melissa to the shambles its in now. Maintenance takes forever to come whereas before they'd come within 2-3 days and now it takes 1 week or so. I had an exterminator come today and I didn't even know, and all they put on the door is "terminix was here." No response to emails that I sent a week ago, didn't know they were gonna come, not sure what the follow up plan is from here either nor do I have any idea what the exterminator might have found here when they came.

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jessica.ennis McKinley Employee

Thank you Sonam for speaking with me about your concerns. I look forward to helping resolve any issues and thank you again for providing us with your feedback.