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Disruptive Neighbors

Feedback Problem for Meadowbrook Village

Just wondering what the procedure is for upstairs neighbors blaring music for 5 hours straight.

johngiessler's picture
johngiessler McKinley Employee


Thank you for letting us know about this concern. We left you a voicemail so we can gather a little more information about the music location. When you have a moment, please shoot us a cool back, thank you!'s picture

Grass work

Feedback Problem for Meadowbrook Village

Hi, Last year, The grass work in front of my apartment was not done properly and it was dry / patchy. Could you please take care of it this time? Apt no 1690

jgrasshoff's picture
jgrasshoff McKinley Employee


This is absolutely great feedback! Putting dirt and grass seed down correctly will be a project we focus on this spring throughout the property. We will make sure the job near your apartment is done correctly this time around.'s picture

Great, thanks !

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Animal Waste & No Smoking Reminder

Announcement for Meadowbrook Village

Dear Meadowbrook Residents,

Recently we have noticed an issue where some pet owners are not cleaning up after their dogs. We wanted to remind all pet owners that it is your responsibility to immediately clean up after your pets. Failure to abide by this rule will lead to a fine of $25 per occurrence. We do have pet stations located throughout our community to assist you in disposing of your dog's waste.

We have also noticed cigarette butts accumulating on our property grounds. We wanted to remind everybody that Meadowbrook is a smoke-free community and if you are caught...

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Feedback Question for Meadowbrook Village

What is going on with all the flags for buried locations of underground cable around bldg 12? Cable TV was up and down yesterday!

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jgrasshoff McKinley Employee


Great question! The workers outside of 12 were acutally from Comcast. They were working on getting a new line burried for a specific apartment in the building. Any further questions please let me know. Have a great day! 

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Free $200 Visa Reward Through AT&T

Announcement for Meadowbrook Village


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Service Request submit form not working

Feedback Problem for Meadowbrook Village

Service Request submit form not working. I am trying to submit a service request but it always prompted an error message after I clicked "Submit"...

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jgrasshoff McKinley Employee


Please let us know if you have any further problems with it after our conversation. Thank you! 

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No Power to To Building 14

Announcement for Meadowbrook Village

Dear Residents,

We have received notification from DTE Energy that there is currently no power to an area of our neighborhood. The estimated time of power restoration from DTE is 6:00 pm. We apologize for any inconvenience!


Gemma Adigun

Senior Sales Associate

734-761-7700 -

watershd's picture

Sectional available. I am giving away a nice sectional before I leave. My last day at Meadowbrook will will be June 23. I don't need any money for the sectional, I just need someone who will be willing to move it out of my place to move it to your place. Please contact me and I'm happy to allow you to come by to see it before you make a decision. It is really in good shape.

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Announcement for Meadowbrook Village

Dear Residents,

I wanted to take the time to reach out and introduce myself. My name is Gemma Adigun and I am the new Senior Sales Associate here at Meadowbrook Village. I am very excited to get to know you all and help you throughout your time with us! I have been with the company for six months and I am thrilled to be here in this gorgeous community! I am here to assist you in anything you need from placing a maintenance request to helping you with your renewal plans, and everything in-between. Prior to working for McKinley I was in the mortgage industry for five years and real...

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Kudos to Maintenance

Feedback Praise for Meadowbrook Village

The wind was very severe yesterday, and knocked over our recycling bins and made quite a mess of recyclables. Saw maintenance cleaning it up around 8:30AM this morning on my way to work. Very nice turnaround and appreciate the hard work and upkeep of the maintenance staff!

sydne.glenn's picture
sydne.glenn McKinley Employee

Hi Torin- Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback and praise for our maintenance team here at Meadowbrook Village! We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying your time here and if there is anything that you need from us or any suggestions that you may have for our community, please do not hesitate to reach out. Feel free to give us a call at (734) 761-7700 or reach me directly at


Sydne Glenn | Assistant Community Manager

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Ice Plan 2/12

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Good Morning!

I wanted to quickly give everyone an update on our plan of action today to tackle the ice storm from last night. Unfortunately as of right now we can not use salt, as the weather has turned to rain. If we attempted to salt sidewalks during the rain in would wash everything out and not have an effect on the ice. The team is ready to salt immediately, once the rain stops. If you have to go outside please use extremely caution while walking. If you have any questions please let the office know. Thank you and have an amazing day!


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They can't use the 4 wheeler for anything

DSGT5's picture

Snow removal in Aspen Chase is definitely lacking. Snow never cleared where cars park, so in freezes. When sidewalks are cleared big mountains of snow are left for us to climb over to get to our cars. Not enough salt was used to melt ice after rained stopped and temps warmed up on Tuesday.
Better job was done at the beginning of the season.

I moved into an apartment so I wouldn’t have to deal with these issues. I slipped last year coming out of my building and am always afraid I will slip again.