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Feedback Problem for Meadowbrook Village

The toilet in the larger bathroom makes a loud squealing noise when flushed. Also, we have a few light bulbs out in both bathrooms. Thanks!

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Apt. 1352

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ryan.heaviland McKinley Employee

Good morning Jason,

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me over the phone about your work order request. Our maintenance team will be more than happy to get those items addressed and fixed as soon as possible.

Enjoy the rest of your day and don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything else.

Warm regards,

Ryan Heaviland | Customer Care Associate II

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Holiday Office Hours

Announcement for Meadowbrook Village


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AT&T Cyber Monday

Event for Meadowbrook Village


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Break Ins

Feedback Question for Meadowbrook Village

Got you email on vehicle break ins. It would be helpful if you would let us know what Bldg numbers where this happened. Has this happened in the past?

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david.hirt McKinley Employee

Hi there John,

To my knowledge this has not historically been an issue here. It has just occured over the past week. There were reports from either side of the community and does not seem to be targeted in one area.


Dave Hirt and the Meadowbrook Team

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Vehicle and Community Security

Announcement for Meadowbrook Village

Greetings Meadowbrook Residents,

It has come to our attention that there have recently been multiple vehicle break-ins in the community. We are taking this issue very seriously and we will do what we can to help ensure a safe environment. We are currently working to replace light bulbs in the community where needed.

Please remember that the best way to prevent this type of crime is to minimize the opportunity for would be crooks. This means, always making sure your windows are up and doors are locked. Additionally, do not leave valuables in your vehicle. This includes...

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The light bulbs in the covered parking in my area are burnt out. Please replace ASAP. Thanks so much for making us aware of the situation!

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david.hirt McKinley Employee

Thank you Torin, we are working on it! 

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Hi Dave,
Writing to let you know my car was broken into last night. The lights still have not been properly replaced in my covered parking, either. A temporary replacement has been made but it is not nearly as bright as the other car ports. Please update on the situation for the permanent replacement.

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Linda.Wells McKinley Employee

Hi Torin, Thank you for reaching out.  I'm very sorry to hear about the incident that occurred last night.  We have been in contact with the local police department to report the concern and request for some special attention to be paid throughout the property as a result.  I called you a moment ago in follow up for some further discussion but had to leave a voice mail. If you would be so kind as to return my call at your convenience I'll look forwrd to speaking with you.  I can be reached at 734-761-7700 and hope to hear from you soon.  Linda Wells, Community Manager

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Thanks for fixing the light. Better late than never, hopefully this will prevent future break ins. I noticed one thing, however. The initial reports of break ins were the first week of November, my vehicle was broken into first week of December. It could behoove the community to be watched especially closely come the first week of January.

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zontise.springer McKinley Employee

Hello Torin,



Happy Wednesday! Thank you for bringing this to our attention via My.McKinley. We're please to hear that you're satisfied with the new lights being installed, and we hope this will deter future break ins, as well. Your observation is valuable, and we will be sure to keep an eye out throughout the month, in addition to paying close attention towards the beginning of 2019. 


Thank you again for letting me know! If you need anything further, please reach out to us at 734.761.7700 or you can email me at





Zontise Springer | Customer Care Associate


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Water is restored

Announcement for Meadowbrook Village

Dear residents,

My apology for the late notice, but the water to your building is restored.

Thank you for your patience and enjoy your day!


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Water shut off

Announcement for Meadowbrook Village

Good morning residents,

I hope you are doing well? Unfortunately we do have to shut water off to your building for approximately 2 hours for an emergency repair. We will let you know when water is restored.

My apology for any inconvience.


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Opening Late 11/5 for Voting

Announcement for Meadowbrook Village

Hi there Meadowbrook,

Tuesday, November 6, 2018 Our team will be out voting in the morning!

Our leasing office will be opening at 11am to allow our staff time to go to the polls.

Normal business hours will resume Wednesday, November 7, 2018 from 10AM -6PM If you are a resident and experience a maintenance emergency during this time, please call 734-761-7700. Please follow the prompts to direct you to our Emergency Maintenance team member, they will be happy to assist you! If you are visiting our community and are interested in receiving leasing information please...

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Thank you for letting your employees participate in this important American tradition.

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Where to Recycle Home Toxics.

Announcement for Meadowbrook Village

Hi there Meadowbrook,

Dave from the office here. A resident recently asked me how to and where to appropriately dispose of items like batteries and paint. I thought I would share with you a great resource of information for this type of recycling and disposal. Washtenaw County provides a free program for disposing of many hazardous house-hold items. There is a weblink at the bottom of this page to their website that lists acceptable materials. Their page also contains a link for DIY non-toxic house hold cleaners and other useful information. They are approaching the end of their...

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Office Closing Early 10/31

Announcement for Meadowbrook Village

Good Afternoon Meadowbrook Village,

I hope everyone is having a great day! I just wanted to reach out to inform you that our office will be closing early this Wednesday, October the 31st in observance of Halloween. We will resume normal office hours from 10am to 7pm the following Thursday, the 1st. We're so sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!

If you experience a maintenance emergency during this time, please contact the office at 734-761-7700 and select the option for emergency maintenance when prompted and an emergency technician will be out as soon as possible to...