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Announcement for Meadowbrook Village

Good morning Residents! 

Today our contractors will begin repainting the car ports throughout our community. They will be covering any cars parked in the car ports with a plastic tarp while they work to avoid any paint coming into contact with your cars. You are welcome to move your car into the open parking, but this is not required. 

This spring project should hopefully be completed by the end of this week, weather permitting.

Please reach out with any questions, and have a wonderful Wednesday!

Gemma Adigun

Community Manager

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Will they also be painting all the apartment front doors that need paint?

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gemma.adigun McKinley Employee

Hi, Jacob! 

We will be having our maintenance team repainting the doors beginning this month; we are working on coming up with a schedule to get these completed so all doors in need of repainting will be complete by mid-June. 

rfinegold's picture

I have a concern regarding the cutout ramp that connects the sidewalk to the street directly south of the community mailbox for Building 17. This is the first ramp in the sidewalk as you walk into the complex from Ann Arbor-Saline Road. Although the sidewalk itself is in excellent condition, the ramp is badly damaged with broken pavement and very difficult to negotiate in a wheelchair. However, I am not sure whether this is a maintenance issue, or something the City of Ann Arbor is responsible to repair. One way or another, is it possible to get this repaired so that wheelchairs do not constantly get stuck trying to cross the street? Thank you.

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gemma.adigun McKinley Employee

Hi, Rita! 

Thank you so much for reaching out! I will have maintenance take a look today and see if there is anything we can do or if we need to reach out to the City of Ann Arbor to get this resolved for you! 


Gemma Adigun