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Window Wells Cleaning

Announcement for Manchester Flats

Good Afternoon Manchester Flats Residents,

In our continuing efforts to make our community sparkle our maintenance technicians will be cleaning the window wells every Wednesday morning. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me in the leasing office.

Thank you for choosing Manchester Flats Apartments. Have a great day!

Georgette Long

Customer Care Associate II

734-930-6644's picture

Compost question

Feedback Question for Manchester Flats

Can Manchester Flats start taking part in Ann Arbor's compost pickup? Has that been discussed at all? We end up carting our waste elsewhere in order to compost it, but won't be able to this summer. Seems like it could cut down on trash!...

CassieSprague's picture
CassieSprague McKinley Employee

Hi Darcie!

Such funny timing!  Last Friday reached out to the City of Ann Arbor and inquired about the logistics and cost of adding a compost bin to our community.  I am still waiting to hear back on this, but hope to by the end of the week.  

I agree, and do a few other residents, that this could be a beneficial addition to the community.  Thanks so much for sharing this suggestion, we genuinely appreciate your thoughtful input!


David Leber
Community Manager

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McKinley is Hiring Summer Pool Attendants!

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Are you looking for a part-time position this summer? McKinley is currently hiring Summer Pool Attendants!

Our pool attendants should have availability to work during the evenings and weekends. This position lasts from Memorial Day until Labor Day. Pool Attendants will earn $10.00 per hour and be eligible for an additional completion bonus at the end of summer.

If you're interested, please email your resume to ....

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Spring Landscaping!

Announcement for Manchester Flats

Hello Neighbors!

Have you noticed the crew of landscapers working at the community today? If so, you might be wondering what's going on. Well, with the sunny weather we are working to beautify our grounds and the community!

Today the team is edging the mulch beds in preparation for a fresh look. After the beds have been prepped, we are installing new mulch and changing up the colors a bit. Instead of doing the red beds we are switching to a more classic brown. I believe this will give a natural look to our beautiful community, while also providing a clean and fresh feel....

KateKelly's picture

Exciting! A privacy fence around, or at lease on the N and S sides of the dumpsters would be great. On windy days the recycling bins tip over and the contents blow around the property. A fence would block the wind and contain the runaway litter.

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Please fix front door

Feedback Problem for Manchester Flats

Hello, The front door of 1806 has been broken for quite some time and does not close and lock automatically. I have not worried about it as Ann Arbor seems safe - however, Amazon has reported delivering a package to my door (how did they get in if I was not in?) - took a picture of the package in front of what appears to be my door, and I arrived about 15-20 minutes after the package was reported delivered and there was no package. I doubt my fellow residents took my package - and I can only think that maybe someone saw the amazon delivery persona and maybe came in to take my package? Either...

rwhitney's picture

To be clear - this is the front door to the building, not my personal front door.

DavidLeber's picture
DavidLeber McKinley Employee


Thank you for mentioning this and bringing it to my attention.  I agree with your comments 100%.  Your building door should always close and latch, providing a secure building.  We will be out today to get this resolved.

Again, I appreciate the communication from you about this issue.  Please continue to report these issues so we can get them addressed in a timely manner.  I hope you have a great rest of your week!


David Leber
Community Manager

GolrizF's picture

Subletting for the summer

Feedback Question for Manchester Flats

I will be away for the summer so I was wondering if I would be able to sublet my apartment during that time and what restrictions might apply.

DavidLeber's picture
DavidLeber McKinley Employee

Hello Golriz,

Good afternoon, I hope you had a terrific Monday!  Thanks for reaching out with this question.  I just left you a voicemail but wanted to also respond here.  The answer to your question is not quite as straight-forward as one might think.  If you have a moment, we would love the opportunity to speak with you over the phone, or in-person.  I think we will be able to clarify things much better that way.  You do have options for your Lease this summer, but not exactly like a "sublet".  We will get into that more when we speak.

Thanks again for reaching out!  We look forward to hearing from you soon.


David Leber
Community Manager

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Water Shutoff: Building 1816

Announcement for Manchester Flats

Neighbors of 1816 Stadium Pl,

Good afternoon. We regret to inform you that the water to your building has been shut-off temporarily. The hot water tank of one of your neighbors' homes has failed and we are in the process of replacing it. During the replacement, it is necessary to shut down the entire water supply.

We understand the inconvenience this can cause and appreciate your patience and understanding. If all goes as planned, water will be restored by 5pm. Thank you!


David Leber Community Manager 734-930-6644...

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April Rent Reminder

Announcement for Manchester Flats

Good Morning Manchester Flats Residents,

I hope you are enjoying your Friday! I wanted to send out a friendly reminder that rent is due on Monday, April 1 st . If rent is not paid in full by the end of the day Tuesday, April 2 nd , a late fee of $30.00 will be added to your account on Wednesday, April 3 rd . We did have some technical difficulties with the mailing of our billings, if you need a copy of the billing please stop by the leasing office.

Remember, we offer multiple rent payment options for you!

In Office Money Order / Cashier's Check Personal Check Online at...

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Resident Appreciation Night

Event for Manchester Flats

Stop by the leasing office for a sweet treat and enter to win a raffle sponsored by Xfinity!


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Non-Smoking Policy

Announcement for Manchester Flats

Residents of 1828 Stadium Pl.

It has come to our attention that someone within you building is causing a disturbance to their neighbors, by smoking within the building and/or their apartment. This message is to make clear our policies here at Manchester Flats.

Manchester Flats is named a Smoke Free Community and we take this very seriously. Your Lease & Addendums specifically states:

1. This is designated a smoke free community. Smoking is absolutely prohibited in all buildings and common areas, public and private spaces, including, but not limited to, apartment...