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Hazardous Coditions Tuesday 2/12

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Park Place & Hillcrest Residents,

Many of you may have already noticed the reports, but Washtenaw County is expecting more treacherous winter weather, for the next few days.

Most immediately, tomorrow morning will bring snowy and icy conditions lasting late into the morning & early afternoon. I have included the U.S. National Weather Service message at the bottom of this message.

OUR PLAN: We have been advised that the heaviest snowfall will take place between 6am - 10am. For this reason, we plan to begin tackling snow removal at 8am and will continue until...

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CassieSprague McKinley Employee

UPDATE: The weather conditions were worse than we expected. We have been diligently trying to remove the ice. Currently, we are working on chipping away the ice from the building entrances and walkways.  As always, please contact the Leasing Office if you notice any trouble areas and we will get these addressed ASAP. Thank you for your patience and understanding and be safe if you need to travel today!

Cassie Sprague

Assistant Community Manager

(734) 761-1897 

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Ice Storm Possible Tonight

Announcement for Multiple Communities


We are seeing the potential for freezing rain and icy conditions tonight & tomorrow morning. In proactive preparation for this, our Maintenance Team has addressed each walkway in our community. A heavy layer of salt has been applied to all sidewalks and driveways, which should prevent ice from forming. If we do see icy conditions, we will initiate a second round of salting early tomorrow morning.

We hope all of this is for nothing, but it is better to be prepared just in case! Please contact the Leasing Office if you notice trouble areas and we will get these...

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February Rent Payment Reminder

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Good Afternoon Park Place and Hillcrest Residents,

I hope you all are staying warm today! I wanted to send out a friendly reminder that rent is due Friday, February 1 st . If rent is not paid in full by the end of the day Saturday, February 2 nd , a late fee of $30.00 will be added onto your account this Sunday, February 3 rd .

Please refer to the following options for making your payment:

1. Pay On-Line at http://www.my.mckinley.com : We will accept ACH payments (payments made from your checking account). To...

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Office Closing Early at 3:00 p.m. Today

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Good Morning Park Place and Hillcrest Residents,

Due to inclement weather, the leasing office will be closing at 3:00 p.m. today. Regular business hours will resume on Tuesday, January 29th from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

In the event of a maintenance emergency, please contact us at 734-761-1897 and follow the prompts to be transferred to our emergency line. Our on-call maintenance technician will respond promptly. Please be safe and stay warm today!

Sincerely, Cassie Sprague, Assistant Community Manager

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Today's Snow Plans

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Good Morning,

It appears that Mother Nature is allowing everyone a relatively easy commute this morning. However, we do not expect the same for this afternoon and evening. Heavy snow is expected to fall between 11am - 4pm, with additional flurries until 8pm.

With this in mind, we plan to begin snow removal at/around 4pm, once the snow has slowed or stopped. If removal activities begin at 4pm, we will have everything cleared and salted by 7pm.

Furthermore, tomorrow brings frigid temperatures. The high is forecasted for 14 degrees and tomorrow night's low is -11...

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It seems like last year they cleared while it snowed. This was hugely appreciated. It’s been snowing for many hours, not a flake has been moved. Drifting has started, and as a pet friendly location, many of us are struggling to get dogs out. In general, with ANY mess, if you clean as you go, it goes faster and easier. Thanks for all the shoveling. And listening to me whine.

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Snow Removal Today

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Good morning, Last night we received a surprise 6” of light, fluffy snow. We were expecting 1” or less, so we’ve been caught a little off-guard. Our team ram is arriving at the community now and will work quickly to get the walks and drives cleared for you. We expect to be finished by 10am. Travel safely this morning, the roads around Ann Arbor are slick! Sincerely, David Leber Community Manager 734-761-1897 david.leber@mckinley.com

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DavidLeber McKinley Employee

UPDATE: We have completed a full plowing, snow blowing, shoveling and salting of your community! You should find all areas safe for travel. 

Tomorrow will bring another batch of winter weather. We will keep you up to date regarding our plans for snow removal. Thanks and have a great rest of your weekend!

David Leber

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Deep Freeze Advisory

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Residents of Park Place & Hillcrest, The coming days will bring below freezing temperatures, all the way down to -11 degrees on Tuesday night. Brrrr! We will need your help to avoid potentially major issues that can come with cold temperatures. When the temperature takes a nose-dive to 10 degrees above zero, or colder, you can help prevent frozen water pipes and breakage of water lines by doing the following: Open all water faucets in your apartment to a steady stream of 1/8 inch or less, but not a drip. This helps to keep water moving through the lines and decreases the chance of pipes...

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Feedback Praise for Hillcrest Manor

Good morning! Just want to say thanks to the hardworking guys making it possible for us to get out! It is a mess out there!! Just want to say thanks and I appreciate your hard work!!

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DavidLeber McKinley Employee

Hi Carrie,

You are very welcome!  It is very kind of you to express your appreciation, we love hearing from you :)  Sometimes these Praise messages are all it takes to keep us going on days like today!  Thanks again, stay warm!


David Leber
Community Manager

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Announcement for Multiple Communities

Park Place & Hillcrest,

This morning brings VERY hazardous travel conditions. We highly recommend using extreme caution when walking and driving anywhere in Ann Arbor today. This includes within our community.

As of 7am, our team has completed a full round of salting. This includes sidewalks and drives. However, the ice is thick and the salt is taking time to have effect. In many areas, you will find more traction by walking in the snowy areas, as opposed ot the sidewalks themselves.

We are still working to salt and break up ice slabs from entrances and walkways...

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Snow/Ice Removal 01/18/19

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Dear Neighbors,

This message is to keep you informed of our plans for snow & ice removal, for tomorrow (01/18/19) morning. We are expecting light snow and freezing temperatures overnight. This will inevitably result in slick surfaces, just in time for your morning commute. To combat this, our team is scheduled to arrive at 6am to begin salting and clearing walkways. Our goal is to have all areas cleared and passable by 7am.

Please keep the Leasing Office informed of any "trouble areas" that you may spot. We are happy to continue addressing areas of concern throughout...