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Announcement for Multiple Communities


Dear residents,

This is a friendly but very urgent reminder that our community is smoke free.   It is a lease violation if you do not adhere to the "Smoke Free Addendum”  and this violation of your lease agreement can result in an eviction notice.

"Smoke Free Addendum"

1.  This is designated a smoke free community.  Smoking is absolutely prohibited in all buildings and common areas, public and private spaces, including, but not limited apartment units, building hallways, laundry rooms, storage areas, vestibules, offices, parking lots, drives, sidewalks and yard areas.

2.  The term smoking means inhaling, exhaling, breathing, burning or carrying any lighted cigar, cigarette, pipe, other tobacco product or other lighted substances anywhere in the community.

3.  Landlord and its employees, all Residents, their occupants, guests, agents, employees, servicepersons and invitees are prohibited from smoking anywhere in the community.  Residents remain responsible for the actions of their occupants, guests, agents, employees, servicepersons and invitees.

4.  A Resident's breach of this lease addendum shall be considered a material default of the lease agreement, subject to the default provisions and consequences...

Please contact our office if you have any questions.


jeffgazdacko's picture

Thanks for the reminder... when I got home tonight the hallways smelled of weed and as I write this my apartment has a strong cigarette smoke smell... as much as I love the location if this continues I won't be able to renew my lease. Not to mention the litter all over the property/parking lots, broken beer bottles on our front steps, a padded (ie not meant for outdoor use) chair that's sitting on our back steps for several weeks now, I'm continually finding the back door stuffed with duct tape to prevent it from locking....