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Announcement for Multiple Communities

Dear Residents,

As you know I strive to keep you informed with any happenings in our community.  Unfortunately, we must report that we did have a fatal shooting in a parking lot in the Northeast side of our community late Saturday evening. 

We were on site and in communication with Pittsfield Police department right after the incident occurred.  We are learning now that the suspect and victim were not related to our community or any residents. 

We will keep you informed as more details are released to us.

You are always welcome to reach out to me with any questions.



amkucharski's picture

I was surprised to find out that there would not be extra office hours today. I will be coming in to the office tomorrow to find out when security cameras will be installed and to discuss what further safety measures management will be taking.

maddyave's picture

Residents have a right to be protected from such violent crimes. What measures are you taking? How is it different from last year, when there was another "incident"?

Siva's picture

I do agree with ‘RS’, This is second murder which I was aware in GHA, why these drug dealers are using Glencoe Hills Apartments location to do their drug activates, because there is no proper security and surveillance cameras not been fitted, I don’t think management not aware of it and I am so surprised why they haven’t taken any action from when the last incident was happened back in April 2017. On top of it Glencoe Management is telling the Suspect and victim were not related to our community or any residents. Then only you can ponder, why they are choosing Glencoe hills for their illegal activities. I hope at least now itself Management will take protective trials to keep the Residents safe… Personally telling it’s not safe to stay in GHA. I am not going to recommend anyone in GHA.

mhende02's picture

If the suspects are unknown and still at large, how do you know they are not related to this community and our residents?

markt's picture

Some residents work late and would be at Glencoe around the time of the shooting. So one or two of our own residents could have been shot as well. Suppose the suspect saw someone coming in and thought well, he/she saw what I did so I will get rid of him/her as well! We need security, management needs to take this seriously.

markt's picture

Thanks Charlotte for reaching out! Your confirmation that management is taking this seriously; promising to add security cameras, and making sure residents feel safe at all times is appreciated! Thanks again!

maddyave's picture

Please be aware that Charlotte has not promised security cameras for every building. -Only a select few.