New Package Delivery System at Glencoe Hills Coming Soon!

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Announcement for Multiple Communities

On Monday, June 4, 2018, we are proud to launch a new system to make package delivery easier, safer, and more convenient for you!  We have installed secure package lockers—available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week—to make sure you get your packages safely and efficiently at your convenience.

The lockers are installed in the lower level of the Leasing Office, next to the Fitness Center.  Starting June 4, 2018, all packages will be delivered to the lockers (regular mail is unchanged). Every Glencoe Hills resident has FREE access to this service.

How the System Works

  • When ordering a package, specify your mailing address (building and unit).  Please do not use the Leasing Office address, or your package delivery may be delayed or returned.
  • When a carrier delivers a package to the lockers, you will receive an email (and/or text message, if you opt in) with an access code to open the locker. Simply enter your access code on the touch screen at the lockers, and the locker will open where your package is securely stored!
  • Take your package out of the locker and close the door. Please make sure the package is addressed to you.
  • Repeat these steps every time you receive a package. There’s no limit on how many packages you can receive through the lockers!
  • Any large package that doesn’t fit into a private locker will be placed in the oversize locker compartment. This locker type is shared, so there may be packages for other residents inside at any given time. Please only retrieve packages that are addressed to you from this locker.
  • The lockers are monitored with video surveillance 24/7, so your package remains safe.

What Happens Next?

Prior to June 4, we will email you with a link to register with the system.  Registering lets you specify notification and other options, and lets us know you’re ready to receive packages.

We hope you enjoy this new service!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!


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Have the emails gone out yet to sign up for this service; and if so, can you send another one to me, as I never received it?

Thank you!

jonshi71's picture

Likewise, we have not received an e-mail link to register with the system. Has this system gone live yet? Can we please get an update?

Ahaffey's picture

Have yet to receive any e-mail link or notification regarding registration for this service, and it's been several weeks since they were supposed to be sent.

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Were emails to register for this ever sent out? I have yet to receive one