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Announcement for Glencoe Hills

Dear Residents of Building 2143,

 Thank you for your patience during this time of clean up after the fire last night.  We are very thankful that nobody was hurt.  As promised last night, this is just a quick update regarding the clean up process:

We have contractors scheduled to provide the following cleaning service in your home:

*  HVAC duct cleaning

*  Carpet cleaning in all homes and common hallway

*  Wipe down of surfaces in your home

In order to help with the clean up process, we will greatly appreciate it if you stop by your home and pick up any personal items such as clothing, toys or shoes from the floors.  If not, we will have to ask our cleaning company to put all personal items on your furniture in order to ease the process.

Please never hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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Thank you! When is the cleaning scheduled to take place?