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Azure Winter Park Apartments
3650 Summer Wind Drive
Winter Park, Florida, 32792

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Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

Large burner on stove does not work. It turns on for a second and then turns off. We tried pulling the burner out and re-inserting but it does not fix it.

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justina.holland McKinley Employee

Thank you for your message and I am sorry to hear you are having this issue. I have placed a work order for you to get this resolved. Thank you

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Best Company for Electric Utility

Feedback Question for Azure Winter Park

Hi! New to the community and will be moving in the next couple weeks. My roommates and I were wondering what the best Company for Electric is for Azure? All of us are moving from out of state and we're trying to get the best and most affordable company that services Azure...

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mildred.santos McKinley Employee

Good Morning,

The company we use to service our community is Duke Energy contact number is 407-629-1010. If you have any further questions please contact our office at 407-671-2400.

Thank you,


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Stove/oven is not working, shower is peeling paint

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

My shower is peeling paint on the floor and walls. I went to clean the shower and sliced my finger on the paint that is chipping. You can tell that it was painted when I moved in, and now after some us it is starting to peel up. Also, my stove works when it wants to. I cant cook when I need to.

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justina.holland McKinley Employee

Good Morning and thank you for taking the time to send us your concerns. I am so sorry that this is happening to you but we have placed a work order to get this resolved for you. Please feel free to contact us in the office anytime you have a concern 407-671-2400 or email Thank you and have a great day.

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Office Hours

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

Can we please get emails of when no one will be in the office during office hours I walked all the way from the back of the complex to the front office for somebody to stop me at the door and say she’s not in the office and I have to come back in an hour that’s such an inconvenience. It just makes more sense to have more than one person open on Mondays seeing as how we can’t go to the office on weekends everyone is waiting for them to come back on Mondays

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justina.holland McKinley Employee

Good Afternoon,


I know that you spoke with Milly. There are times when we have an emergency or have a tour and if we are alone have to close the office for a brief time. I apologize for this inconvenience but I am glad you got everything sorted out. Thank you and have a great day.

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My problem is I left tones of messages, just like I did to signal a problem with the website when I tried to pay my rent and payment wasn't going through so they charged me a late fee for something that wasn't my fault, I am not in town because I still live in Tampa. This time I am calling to get my freaking apartment fixed. Everytime it rains the ceiling leaks water and ruins my clothes, now I have mold, it's insane how this management is. They will be there to collect money, over charge people when it's not their fault the website don't work but won't answer when some serious issue occurs. I am sick with a weak immune system due to my treatments at the Cancer center and they don't give a damn about that, they will argue that I have to pay extra when its not my fault but won't lift a finger when it comes to fixing my damn apartment to be liveable. The bathtub overflows, the kitchen sucks, the AC is old, the washing machine is tiny so I need to use it all day to wash clothes ….I don't know how I will be able to get in contact with these people ? they just don't answer the phone. Management used to be good now it sucks, I wonder if they even show up to work except to collect money

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justina.holland McKinley Employee

Good evening thank you for your email. Our office has been open all day. Friday’s are very busy with move ins and we do our best to answer every call. They tried returning our call but you did not answer. I would like to get apl

your issues sorted out but was a little confused by your message because you said you were out of town? If you have a moment please call me back or email me directly I want to get any leaks addressed immediately and would like to have maintenance go in and check. Thank you very much.'s picture

AC needs to be fixed

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

No cool air

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justina.holland McKinley Employee

Good Morning and thank you for sending us a message about your AC. I am so sorry to hear this is happening to you. I have entered a work order for that to be fixed and notified maintenace. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. Have a great day.

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Trash Compactor Update

Announcement for Azure Winter Park

Good Afternoon Azure Residents,

Thank you all so much for hanging in there with us through this rough patch with the compactor being down. Waste Management was supposed to be out here last night to empty the first one but their truck broke down in front of our office. Talk about the perfect storm happening! They came this morning to unload the one that was here and I had a second one brought in. My maintenace team is working tirelessly to get all the trash picked up and thrown away. Once this has been completed we will be pressure washing the area. The trash will be picked up every...

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Update on Trash

Announcement for Azure Winter Park

Good Evening Azure Residents,

I wanted to update you all on the trash situation. You will see spots blocked off with cones this evening in front of the compactor, please do not remove those cones as we are having a new dumpster brought in and we don't want to have to tow any vehicles. They are bringing in a new dumpster and emptying the current one in the morning tomorrow. Our Compactor is still being fixed by Waste Management who has given me an ETA of next Monday to return. Until that time I am going to have daily pick ups of the trash dumpsters outside to avoid the current...

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Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

Hi, When will the trash situation be fixed? This is truly unacceptable. I’m sorry to sound so harsh but it’s getting worst by the day. There was an announcement sent out last week but it only got worst. Half the parking lot is full of trash and maggots. It’s smells awful and honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we start having a rodent problem. This is unsanitary and should not have to live in this type of environment. Also the pool seems to not have been cleaned up in a very long time. What’s going on? This was never and issue before. This community use to be well kept. I am a very unhappy...

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justina.holland McKinley Employee

Good Evening and thank you for the message. The trash is being taken care of tonight and tomorrow morning. I apologize for the delay but I have taken charge of that issue. The pool is being professionally cleaned and tested daily. Our maintenance staff also cleans it every morning. I will be sure to keep checking it daily to make sure it’s being kept up. I truly apologize for the issues that have occurred the past week but I promise you it’s being addressed and will be taken care of. Thank you very much and have a great night. 

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Trash Compactor Down

Announcement for Azure Winter Park

Dear Residents,

I wanted to reach out to inform you our trash compactor is not working at the moment. We have contacted Waste Management to rectify the issue and we are working diligently to have the repairs completed as quickly as possible.

We have confirmed the compactor will need to be repacked and they will be delivering an open top container so that we can clear up the area while the repairs are being completed. Our team is on stand by and will be ready to to clean up the area as soon as it arrives.

Please contact us at 407-671-2400 with any questions or...'s picture

Thank You Ms.Whitney,God Bless T.Holland

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Feedback Praise for Azure Winter Park

Adults who have a paper cow mask or costume will receive a free sandwich of their choice @ Chick fil A tomorrow only. Kids get a free kids meal! All locations until pm. Simple cow templates on google to print.

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whitney.glidewell McKinley Employee

Hi Danny!

This is awesome!  Thank you for sharing!  

Please let us know if there is ever anything you need!

Best regards, 

Whitney Glidewell