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Azure Winter Park Apartments
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Winter Park, Florida, 32792

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On Call Phones Down

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Good Morning,

We are having an issue with on call phones that is currently being fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. In the mean time email the following depending on your home:

Azure Residents

Indigo Residents

Thank you

Justina Holland

Community Manager

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My toilet and bathtub are clogged and shit is coming out the bathtub’s drain

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

My toilet and bathtub are clogged And the bathtub has shit coming out the drain...

Aaron Richard's picture
Aaron Richard

And when I call trying to get help from
your on call technician it tells me to leave a message but hangs up on me before I can

Aaron Richard's picture
Aaron Richard

My entire tub is full of shit and the “on call” maintenance have yet to respond since I started calling almost 24hrs ago! I have never lived somewhere with as terrible of a staff ever before in my life! Y’all shouldn’t have jobs because y’all sure don’t do them that’s for damn sure!

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Quarterly Pest Control

Announcement for Azure Winter Park

Good Afternoon Azure residents,

Our quarterly pest control in buildings 1300,1400,1500,1600,1700,1800 will be done tomorrow 09/12/19 between the hours of 11:00 p.m-5:00 p.m.

Thank you,


Senior Sales Associate

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Phones Down

Announcement for Azure Winter Park

Good Morning Azure Residents,

We apologize for the inconvenience but our phones are currently down. If you are having an emergency please come to the office or email . We will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you and have a wonderful day.


Community Manager

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Car burglary

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

I live in the 1702. Someone opened my and my roommate's car! I don't know if this happened to someone else. But, where is the complex security? Do we have cameras in the area?...

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justina.holland McKinley Employee

Good Morning and thank you for taking the time to speak with me. I am glad I was able to help you get a resolution to this situation. Have a great day.

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Yes, it happened to us on the same night! I just posted about it as I just learned of this community site! I filed a police report and will most definitely press charges!!

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Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

The 2 ladies at the front, i don't even care to learn their names, are TRASH. If there's a problem with something within the complex, don't say "sorry i cant help you", who tf is supposed to help me then???? And whip that 'i don't have time for this" look off your face, it's your job to help the residents, not brush them off. and stop giving empty promises. tomas and jason needs to come back. Do better...

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justina.holland McKinley Employee

Thank you for your message while I understand you are upset I would appreciate it in the future to not speak of other people that way. The treadmills were not working because of a power surge that happened in the office which is what Milly was explaining to you. They didn't not do anything about the situation, they called maintenace to have it fixed. However, having been closed because of the storm we had several emergency roof leaks we were dealing with. The treadmills are now up and running as Milly stated you they would be. I tried calling the number listed but did not ring. Have a good day

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cockroach by trash cans other bugs

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

i see tons cockroaches &other bugs by the trash compactors is gross unsanitary are i hate take trash now i worry about the bug get on me

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justina.holland McKinley Employee

Waste Management was delayed in pick up because of the storms. We are going to bleach and power wash the area. Thank you for letting us know.

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Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

I need a detail regarding the utilitiy charges and late fee and reservation fee error, all charges posted in last invoice.

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justina.holland McKinley Employee

Good Morning whenever you have a moment please stop into the office and we will be happy to give you a ledger statement showing all the charges and break downs. Thank you and have a great day.

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Hurricane Dorian Update Office Hours

Announcement for Azure Winter Park

Dear McKinley Residents:

Please be advised that a Hurricane Watch is in effect for Orange County, which includes our community. A hurricane watch mean that a hurricane is possible for the area within a 48-72 hour time frame.

We recommend that if you have the means and ability, you should leave your home and relocate to an area that will not be affected by the storm. If you will require transportation, now is the time to verify with your airline, bus, train, or car rental company for their special operating schedules. In the event that you are unable to leave, the property...

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When will the maintenance crew be issuing out sandbags or at least laying out sandbags to prevent flooding inside the lower level apartments? I have seen any of same hurricane preparations on the property like I did with hurricane Irma.

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Updates on Hurricane Dorian

Feedback Question for Azure Winter Park

Good afternoon. I haven't received any notices or updates on this incoming hurricane. Is there something I should be made aware of? Please provide links, resources, etc. Thank you...

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justina.holland McKinley Employee

Good Morning all notices were passed out but I have also posted a link online with things you can do to help yourself prepare. Thank you