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What is going on with the Name ID?

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

I am most certainly the only resident at Azure with my exact name. However, I am trying to pay my rent online and the site tells me that I must have a Unique Name ID because more than one person at Azure has my name. Now I'm going to be late on the rent because I thought this was going to be an easy and straightforward process of getting an account and paying the I didn't bother going over to the office to pay earlier today. Anyhow, it looks like you guys are going to get to juice me for $100 on monday because of this problem. Please look into it...

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khensley McKinley Employee

Good Morning brocklaster,

I am sorry that you are having a problem paying online. The office does need to provide you with your Unique Name ID.

I have two solutions for you. You can email me at and I will email your id to you today or you can contact the office tomorrow and they can get your id for you. Either way, please do not worry, you will not be charged a late fee because of your problem with our system.

I apologize any for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

Thank you for the feedback.

Kathy Hensley
Regional Property Manager

brocklaster's picture

Thanks for the quick reply! I wasn't expecting an answer until it was too late! I have emailed you from my personal email account regarding the Name ID.

Thanks again!

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Automatic Rent Payment!

Announcement for Azure Winter Park

In addition to our new online rent payment, another great way to pay your rent is to set up an automatic withdrawal out of your checking/savings account!This not only saves you $20 off your first rent payment, but you can avoid late fees and save time!Call or stop in the office today!

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Announcement for Azure Winter Park

Dear Friends,Our goal is to WOW! you at every interaction! We need to do more than just get our job done, we need to have you walking away saying "WOW!". We are passionate and committed to "WOW!".Warmest Regards,Albert M. BerrizCEOMcKinley

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Are You Into Sports? Are You Looking for Some Fun this Summer?

Announcement for Azure Winter Park

Orlando Sport&Social ClubHas Some Great Ways to Stay in Shap & Meet New People!!They Offer:VolleyballFootballSoftballSoccorAnd More!!Check Them Out & Sign Up Todayorlandosportandsocialclub.com407.896.9510

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Saving You Money & Saving The Environment!!

Announcement for Azure Winter Park

Did You Know that Our Laundry Facilities Offer High Efficiency Environmentally Friendly Washers&Dryers In Our On-site Laundry Facilities?What Does this Mean for YOU??These environmentally friendly washers & dryers useless water, less soap & less drying time thantop load washers, while providing a better wash!!Save on Laundry Soap!Here's How It Works! Powder Soup1/4 Cup Liquid Soap1/8Concentrate1/16 (capful)This can be a huge savings on laundry soap over your time here at Azure Winter Park!

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Are You Looking to Make Some Extra Cash? Would You Like Some You Know to LIve Next Store?

Announcement for Azure Winter Park

Refer soemone you know ot Azure Winter Park Apartments&you will receive a $50.00 rent credit once they move in! We Value You as a Resident!! If there is anything that we can do to make your stay more enjoyable please don't hesitate to let us know!!

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Happy Holiday Weekend!

Announcement for Azure Winter Park

Dear Friends,I just wanted to say thank you and I hope your enjoy this marvelous holiday weekend!Albert M. BerrizCEO McKinley

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Needing Assistance With Your Wireless Internet?"

Announcement for Azure Winter Park

Are you a new or existing resident needing assistance with your wireless internet? We have your 24 hour assistance available. Just contact Airmbia at 877.2217188!! They can assist you connecting to the wireless internet or trouble shoot any issues you maybe having. If after contacting them, you are not satisfied with the solution you can contact us directly to assist!! We value you as residents and want your experience to be "top notch". We are always available for you!! 407.671.2400!!

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Refer A Friend and Receive Cash!!!!!

Announcement for Azure Winter Park

Did you know that you refer a friend to Azure Winter Park or Indigo Winter Park Apartment Homes&you will receive a $50.00 rent credit once they move in! All they need to do is mention your name on their first visit!! We love having you as residents and your referrals make it an even better place to live!! If you have questions dont hesitate to contact us on or call us at 407.674.2400!Thank YOU for making this a great place to live!!

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Pathway in the Rain

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

Hey, First let me say I love this site so far. Being able to pay rent online is a very handy feature. One small thing that's been bugging me for a while now is that the pathway outside building 1900 floods continuously whenever there is heavy rain. It gets to the point that you can't pass without getting soaked. This wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't Florida and we didn't get torrential rain every day. I've been thinking of some solutions and even something as simple as raising the pathway and sloping it slightly to either side would allow the rain to drain off...

firewerk's picture

Thanks I appreciate the fast reply!

You're definitely right about Jeniper and Danny, glad to hear the feedback has been passed on.