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Announcement for Azure Winter Park

Good afternoon Azure residents! I hope everyone is having a great start to their week!

A few reminders I wanted to cover as I have noticed an escalated amount of incidents around these topics.

Smoking:  We are a non smoking property and smoking on property is absolutely prohibited in all buildings and common areas, public and private spaces including, but not limited to, apartment units, building hallways, laundry rooms, storage areas, vestibule, offices, parking lots, drives, sidewalks and yard areas. A residents breach of this addendum as signed and acknowledged on your lease agreement shall be considered a material default of your lease agreement. 

Trash Disposal Policy: It is very important to make sure that we are disposing of all garbage in the specified garbage compactor located by the front of the property. Make sure that we are not leaving trash bags outside of the trash compactor. If trash is not disposed of properly you will receive a fine of $25.00 per bag for the first occurrence and $50 per bag thereafter.

Make sure to keep your trash inside your apartment home until you are ready to disregard. Do not dispose of trash in breezeways or on your patio. By disposing of trash correctly, it will reduce the rodent and small creature problems as it will deter them from coming near the exposed trash.

Pet Policy: Make sure that all furry family members are always on a leash and that we are picking up their pet waste each day. It is important that we are disposing of pet waste at one our pet waste stations located around property. We make sure each day that the waste stations are stocked daily. If you see a pet owner that fails to clean up after their pet, please keep us informed so we can address with the resident. By working together, this will allow our maintenance team to focus on the needs of your apartment homes.

Screened Porches/Patio Policy: Make sure that your patios and storage are used for plants and patio furniture and not being used as storage or to hold onto outgoing garbage.


As always, we strive to provide a safe atmosphere for all residents and appreciate your continued participation in all safety and cleanliness procedures. 

Thank you, 

Frances Ruiz 

Community Manager

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good evening,I was expecting a delivery from usps on Friday March 22. it was delivered and signed for by someone in the office. tracking notification alerted me of delivery. 5015625525 so it can be picked up.thanks