Update - Post Irma Information - McKinley Hyde Park

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Tampa, Florida, 33629

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Announcement for Multiple Communities

Good morning,

We hope that you remain in a safe place following Hurricane Irma.  We want you to be aware we have a large number of contractor crews from Orlando heading to Hyde Park, South Tampa and the entire West Coast today to begin to survey and assess all of our communities and initiate the clean up and repair efforts where ever needed.

If you did evacuate, you may wish to check local websites regarding curfews as well as your utilities providers to determine if any power outages, downed wires, flooding, etc.

We will continue to keep you updated as best we can in the days ahead.

As always, your safety is the most important thing.  Thank you!

Best regards,

The Hyde Park Team

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Please unsubscribe me from your email list and messaging. We no longer live in any of your properties. Our email address is: apeck33@yahoo.colm

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Cisneros Family

Does anyone know if the power is back on?

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No power as of 3AM 9/12/2017

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(No power comment was in reference to Bayshore Flats)

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hi victoria... thank you for the update! did power come back today?

victoriahorne's picture

I live on the north side, and it has not yet for me. I heard a rumor that the south side of the complex has power but I haven't been able to confirm that. I heard that around 11AM today.

kat1156co's picture

thank you!!! keeping fingers crossed!!!!!

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I hear ya!!!! We have running water though, and it even gets a little warm. Lawn maintenance was in today clearing debris and local gas stations are starting to get gas again. We are slowly getting back to normal!

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that's good to hear!!!!!

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Anybody at Westshore Flats know about power?