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SoHo Flats Apartments
1405 South Lorenzo Avenue
Tampa, Florida, 33629

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Announcement for Multiple Communities

Dear Resident(s),

With Gasparilla approaching, we wanted to send a friendly reminder about parking. Please be aware that the city may have additional restrictions on parking during this time.

The below parking rules should always be followed as it ensures that residents are given priority when it comes to parking and it is also a part of the lease agreement. If your community requires a decal, please make sure that you always have a decal placed in a visible area on your front windshield.

In order to avoid you or your guest’s vehicle being towed, please review the below rules very carefully. If you have any questions about parking within your community, please give the office a call at (813) 304-2776.



1. Storage of any vehicle, boat, trailer or other device is strictly forbidden without the consent of management.

2. Automobiles parked on the property must be in operating and roadworthy condition.

3. Automobiles leaking fluid or causing other damage may not be parked on the property.

4. Residents, occupants, and their guests may park in designated parking.

5. All vehicles must have current registration and plates.

6. Parking in fire lanes, crossed hatched areas or any specifically designated "NO PARKING" areas is expressly


7. Residents, occupants, and their guests may not repair vehicles on the property without consent of management.

8. Parking on the lawn, sidewalks, or other community areas is forbidden. Residents will be held responsible for any

damage caused by this action.

9. Washing of vehicles on the property is prohibited.

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Do you actually tow? Because we have a car parked in our resident parking lot that has been there since before Gasparilla and has not moved. We've knocked on doors and left a note on the car, but 8 days later and the car hasn't moved once. Please contact me if you need more details on how to get this resolved.