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Announcement for Multiple Communities

We hope this message finds you well! We wanted to send out a friendly reminder regarding our parking policy. We have noticed an influx of non-residents parking in the designated parking areas. We do require a parking pass to be able to park in the designated parking lot and to also make sure that all residents have space when they come home. 

Please read below for some quick tips regarding the policies. Also, please stop by the office to pick up your parking pass if you do not have currently have one. We will resume normal towing policy in the next month and we would like to make sure all residents have the designated parking pass. 

If you have not already picked up your parking decal from the leasing office, please do so as we do not control waiving any towing fees. We do appreciate all residents that have already received their parking decals.

A few reminders to make sure that you do not have your vehicle towed: Remember the following:

Towing Signs: Signs are posted at the entrances of the property stating that we use a towing service. Make sure to familiarize yourself with these signs so that you can discuss with roommates, family members or guests.

ALL VISITORS Must park off site or use street parking. 

Rental Cars or Temporary Use Of Someone Else's Vehicle: Make sure that if your vehicle is being repaired or using a temporary vehicle, please make sure to park in a visitor space so that no issues occur with parking.

Inoperable Cars, Expired License Plates/Registration or Flat Tires: Even though your vehicle may have the resident decal on your car, it is still subject to our towing service because it is no operational. Please make sure to repair your vehicle and that it is in good working condition. Also, please make sure that your license plate and registrations are also up to date at this could cause towing issues as well.

Purchase of New Vehicle: If you plan to purchase a new vehicle in the future, the decal you have can transfer to the new vehicle. Stop by the leasing office and complete the updated parking form. Make sure to bring a copy of your registration to ensure that the vehicle is registered in your name. Any special circumstances must be approved through the leasing office by the Community Manager.

If you are a resident and have not received your parking decal, please stop by the leasing office and pick up your decal today. 

Your leasing office is located at Palma Ceia, 2402 Teresa Cir, Tampa FL 33629

Please remember that the towing company has no way of knowing that you live here unless your parking permit is clearly displayed on your vehicle. It is also your responsibility to inform your friends, family, and any other visitors of our parking policies.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 813-514-6800 and someone will be happy to assist you. 

Thank you all for your cooperation and support and we hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Mckinley Management

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Hi Samantha,
So I wanted to ask a few things...

1) Why does this apply to "multiple communities"? It sure sounds like the problems of one or maybe a few communities is being applied to multiple or all communities and is not being communicated clearly. Large chunks of our parking spaces in Palma Ceia are already empty at all times, including when the community is at its peak capacity during school sessions (long before this communication went out). And on that note, if this applies to Palma Ceia, then why are there 10 guest spots in our community if the communication says :

"* ALL VISITORS Must park off site or use street parking.

* Rental Cars or Temporary Use Of Someone Else's Vehicle: Make sure that if your vehicle is being repaired or using a temporary vehicle, please make sure to park in a visitor space so that no issues occur with parking.".

Those statements directly contradict themselves, what we have been told, but also the literal physical guest spaces we have. Which is it? No one can park without a pass? Or people without a pass can park in the guest spots in our community?

2) When did that become policy for Palma Ceia? As of 3 days ago? Very recently that was not the case, and people in the office were even offering it as a positive that guests could visit during the day and park anywhere on site, like if I wanted to have people over at the pool. I verified this in person when I voiced my concerns regarding the guest parking situation that has been going on and continues to go on.

3) The guest parking situation. So now, non residents must use the guest parking spots 24/7? That takes an already not great situation and makes it infinitely worse. Or can they no longer use them at all? We have 10, but your communication says ALL visitors must park off site. A little clarification would be greatly appreciated, because this is turning into a pretty large fiasco that seems to change arbitrarily depending on the day of the week. Thanks

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kara.young McKinley Employee

Good afternoon,

          Thank you, for reaching out to us with your questions regarding the parking policy. I would love to go over any questions you may have. I attempted to call you and I did leave a message for our contact information. When you have a moment feel free to reach out to me and I would be happy to answer all your questions. 

I look forward to connecting with you. 


Kara Young 

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Hi Kara,
Thanks for reaching out, unfortunately I work during your office hours and it's tough to find time to have a phone conversation while I am in the office. Also,Just wanted to let you know that your outbound number comes up as blocked/unavailable on caller ID, which probably leads to a lot of people not picking up. Anyways, I was hoping I could get a response on here, as I know that lots of people are upset and confused about the parking situation and would like clarification, and it would be probably easier for you and the staff than individually talking to every single person who would end up having a question. Thanks.

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kara.young McKinley Employee


      I would be happy to answer any questions on here as I just thought it might be a better line of communication to call you and also to answer any other questions that may have come up. Please see below the answers to your questions. 


The parking issue is taking place at a large number of our communities and we always want to be transparent with our communication too. It seems we have a large number of residents that are having an issue here at Palma finding a space when coming home from work. We are also going to repave the community in the near future and we will be eliminating the 2 guest parking spots to allow for more parking for our residents.  Hyde Parking living does call for on-street parking and we have changed the policy for guests to allow for parking for our residents. I can understand how this could be frustrating, but we also need to make sure that our residents have somewhere to park as well. If you happen to have a temporary vehicle, rental or using a different vehicle please contact the office and we can arrange for a temporary pass during the timeframe needed. We always try and be flexible so that we can accommodate all residents. 

As far as residents parking in the current guest parking with a pass. Yes, residents are also able to use these spots if there are not any other spaces open to use. However, guests are still able to visit your home and park onsite between the hours of 7 am - 7 pm and they will not need a pass. After 7 pm or before 7 am they will need to park on the neighboring streets to allow for parking for residents. I apologize if that was not made clearer as this has been the policy for the last couple of months. On December 1st, we will start to enforce the towing policy and this will allow residents to prepare for the enforcement. 

Please know that we are not trying to make anything difficult and we are only trying to be proactive in making sure residents have a space they can park when they come home. 

I hope this clears up any questions, and if you do have additional questions please feel free to reach out to me @ 



Kara Young

Community Manager 

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Hi Kara,
I actually just figured it would kill two birds with one stone if it was discussed on here. It would answer my personal questions and hopefully address future questions other residents might have and hopefully they see this exchange and have their questions answered so you guys won't have to field so many in the future. I appreciate your response. I know you guys are not being difficult, I think things just get confusing with the blanket emails that get sent to all the different communities. You guys have a tough job trying to keep everyone happy and I appreciate all that you do for us. Thanks for your time today.

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kara.young McKinley Employee

Thank you, Zach! I really appreciate your understanding and I am always here to answer any questions. I could see how the letter could be a little confusing too. 

Have a great week!



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Thank you, you as well!

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I appreciate the information being posted here as well. It's unfortunate to hear that there are plans to eliminate two of the already severely limited number of guest spots available at Palma Ceia. I've never seen the lot completely full, so I do wonder what research or monitoring system has been in place that tracks when the lot is so full that leasing residents have not been able to find a spot. How many residents constitutes a "large number?" And is the lot actually full to complete capacity or are there just not any spots that are just "convenient" to . If any of these complaints have been made since September 1st, I can tell you based on my own personal research that there has not been one day or night where the entire lot was at capacity.

Also, I'd like to hear some suggestions of specific street names for parking on neighboring streets, so as to better direct visitors. There's no street parking on S. Carolina. Two blocks away on S. Georgia, I do believe there is street parking allowed there. S. Moody I'm unsure of currently. Any other Palma Ceia residents have any comments or suggestions regarding visitor parking?

Most residents who choose to live in the South Tampa, Hyde Park, Palma Ceia neighborhoods, etc. tend to realize that things like flooding, pedestrian traffic, and of course parking will always be an issue, but I think that McKinley could be a bit more creative in resolving some of the parking issues.

[This post is mostly rhetorical in nature, opinion-based, and simply meant to continue the narrative already initiated.]

Zach0308's picture

Thanks for keeping the discussion going. I was also kind of shocked that in light of the obvious issues at Palma Ceia regarding the guest parking situation, the response was to eliminate guest spots, not add them. My girlfriend currently lives out of town and I find myself having to leave work early on Fridays when she is coming here just to come to Palma Ceia and "reserve" a guest spot for her, which makes me feel like an ass for taking a spot away from other residents guests. But like you said, I am not even sure where we are able to park on the streets and I also don't like the idea of her car being left unattended where we can't regularly see it or check up on it. It was also suggested to me to have her park in one of the garages in the area, either on Howard or off Swan which...seems like a pretty extreme suggestion. It was also suggested that she park under the overpass, AFTER the city blocked it off and marked it as a tow away zone. When I first moved in, you were actually able to obtain guest passes for people, which was taken away due to residents abusing the system. Not sure what that meant, but honestly, it seems like people were (and continue) abusing the guest spots more than anyone could abuse a guest pass. Non residents were leaving their cars parked in the guest spots for months on end, which also means people were living in the community "illegally". And I am in full agreement. I don't really see any solutions being offered and the only real response has been "find street parking somewhere, we aren't really sure where...figure it out. And oh, we are also taking away more guest spots". Pretty frustrating, considering I pretty much love everything else about living in Palma Ceia.

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Hey Kara,
So after re-reading the above comments, I am actually more confused. You specifically referenced "the two guest spots" being eliminated. I was referring to my community, Palma Ceia Hyde Park. We currently have 10 guest spots, not 2. So, again, I think the blanket email to multiple communities is causing a lot of confusion among all parties involved. Also,I haven't talked to one resident at Palma Ceia who is or has been concerned about lack of resident parking, but obviously the guest parking situation has come up multiple times. On that note, if people ARE complaining about the resident parking situation and not being able to park directly in front of their unit, then I would like to bring up that the staff park their vehicles and the maintenance vans in the spots in front of my units ( directly across from the dog park), and I sometimes have to park closer to the guest spot areas. Also, a McKinley employee regularly parks their vehicle across two spots (on purpose). Again, I appreciate your communication with us on here, and I know there probably isn't an easy solution that will make everyone happy. But I think some clear and concise clarification per community would go a long way. Thanks