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Announcement for Multiple Communities

Dear Resident,

We are excited to announce a new online rent payment system called PayLease! We believe this system is more reliable, easier to use, and offers more options for you to pay your rent. The new system will be online on Wednesday, September 26, 2018. With this letter, and the accompanying flyers, we hope to provide an easy transition, as well as answer some common questions. Of course, should you have any other questions or concerns, you should contact your Community Office.

What will be different for me?

* I pay my rent online. You will continue to pay your rent through your account and access the system as you do today. Your expanded options for online payment are electronic check (also called “ACH”), debit card, or credit card. Here are the associated fees for each method:

o Electronic Check / ACH: No fee!

o Debit Card: $4.95

o Credit Card: 2.85% of payment amount


IMPORTANT: All payment methods and scheduled payments in the existing system will be disabled and deleted. Therefore, if you use automatic scheduled payments, these will NOT transfer to the new system. You must establish them again, or your rent will not get paid.


* I pay my rent by check at the Community Office. There is no change to how you pay your rent.


* I pay my rent by money order at the Community Office. You may continue to deliver a money order to the community office, or you may use the new CheckFreePay option to pay in cash at locations such as Walmart, Amscot and Ace Cash Express. Please see the accompanying flier for more information. There is a $3.95 fee to use CheckFreePay.

What action must I take when I pay my October rent?

* I pay my rent online. To protect your personal information, we cannot transfer information from the old payment system to the new one. Therefore, you need to enter your payment method(s) (checking accounts and debit or credit cards) again. Likewise, if you use automatic payments, you must schedule them in the new system.


* I pay my rent at the Community Office. There is no change to how you pay your rent, but you may take advantage of the CheckFreePay option mentioned earlier.

Thank you for taking time to learn about this important change to how you pay your rent. If you have any questions, please let us know!



Community Manager

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This new credit card fee is absurd. $40 to pay my rent online?

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