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Announcement for Multiple Communities

Good afternoon,

As you know we are keeping a close eye on Hurricane Dorian and we at McKinley wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of the importance of being prepared for anything that comes our way. Review the important points below:

The best way to stay informed is to sign up for If you need your “Resident ID” please contact the Schoolhouse Flats Office at (813) 304-2776.



  • The McKinley Team will remove/secure pool umbrellas and furniture.
  • Pools, laundry centers and other amenities may be closed before and throughout the duration of the storm.
  • Residents must remove or secure all patio furniture to prevent damage or injury.
  • Residents are asked not to tape windows as this can lead to large shards of glass becoming projectiles.


  • Make sure to sign up for to stay informed of office closures, pool closures and updates from the Management Team.
  • If you have an emergency call 911. For urgent matters call the main Schoolhouse Flats number at (813) 304-2776 and follow the prompts for an urgent issue.

A basic emergency supply kit could include the following recommended items:

  • Water, one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days, for drinking and sanitation
  • Food, at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food
  • Battery-powered or hand crank radio and a NOAA Weather Radio with tone alert and extra batteries for both
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • First aid kit
  • Whistle to signal for help
  • Dust mask to help filter contaminated air and plastic sheeting and duct tape to shelter-in-place.
  • Moist towelettes, garbage bags and plastic ties for personal sanitation
  • Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities
  • Manual can opener for food
  • Local maps
  • Cell phone with chargers, inverter or solar charger

When a watch or warning is issued:

  • Leave low lying areas.
  • Secure outside objects. Remove or secure patio furniture.
  • Make sure you have plenty of fuel and water.
  • Have several days’ supply of food and water for each family member.
  • If called to evacuate, do so immediately.

Before the Storm:

  • Be ready to put your plan and preparation into action.
  • Pay attention to local weather reports on radio, television, or the internet.
  • Have plenty of food and water.
  • Make sure all your tools, supplies, and first aid kit available for use.
  • Have a secure room available.
  • DO NOT tape windows. This can cause injury if the glass were to break.
  • McKinley does not board up windows or provide sandbags.

During the Storm:

  • Stay in Secure Room.
  • Stay away from windows.
  • Do not use the phone, or candles.
  • Monitor Weather and Civil Service Bulletins on either regular or NOAA radio.
  • Have supplies on hand.
  • Remain indoors when the eye moves over your area because the storm will resume shortly.

After the Storm:

  • Make sure that all is definitely clear outside, and the storm has completely passed before going out.
  • Report downed power lines and stay away from them.
  • Use stored water and food.
  • Be patient. Things will take a while before they get back to normal.
  • Call the non-emergency response line for any urgent matters. Our team will be on-site as soon as it’s safe.

Communication Recap:

  • Make sure to sign up for to stay informed of office closures, pool closures and updates from the Management Team.
  • If you have an emergency call 911. For urgent matters call the main Schoolhouse Flats number at (813) 304-2776 and follow the prompts for an urgent issue.

We are here to help in any way that we can. We will also be periodically prepping our communities as well for when big storms hit by removing and securing pool umbrellas, chairs, etc. Do not hesitate to reach out to any one of us with any questions or concerns that you may have. I am also including a link that you can use to track and monitor hurricanes should anything arise.



Dear Resident:

Currently we are not under any watch or warning conditions from the National Weather Service. This is just an informational notice.

As you know, during some months of the year, usually between June and November, hurricanes can occur. We have taken reasonable precautions to ensure your safety should a hurricane occur knowing what to do is one of the most important precautions you can take and is your responsibility.

1 WHAT IS A HURRICANE? - Let's begin with things you should know about a hurricane itself. A hurricane is an intense storm with winds of over 75 miles per hour. It is usually accompanied by heavy rain, and sometimes high water levels.  It should be treated with respect.

When a hurricane is in the area, there are three phases in which it is brought to our attention. These are:

Phase A - Hurricane Monitoring: This means that a hurricane is in the general vicinity and, though it may be several hundred miles away, appears to be heading towards us. During this phase, it may change course and go somewhere else.

What to do during Hurricane Monitoring: Keep an eye on the television weather reports or radio reports. If action is needed, you will be notified by property management personnel. You may contact the leasing office or for updates on the situation. If you have a computer, a couple of good websites to monitor are:

http:// hurricane http://

Phase B - Hurricane Watch: A Hurricane Watch is announced when a hurricane is approximately 48 hours away and hurricane conditions (sustained winds of 74 mph or higher) are possible within the specified area.

What to do during a Hurricane Watch: If action is advised by Federal, State or Local authorities you will be notified by McKinley personnel. It is advisable to check now and then with the Leasing Office and for the latest information. Also, ensure that your telephone number are on file at the leasing office, (if these were not recorded when you leased). In addition, keep watching and listening to the television, internet and radio reports for more information.

Phase C - Hurricane Warning:  A Hurricane Warning is typically issued 36 hours before the anticipated first occurrence of tropical storm-force winds. when a hurricane is expected to strike our location in 24 hours.

What to do when a Hurricane Warning is announced: You will be advised of a Hurricane Warning by property personnel. This announcement may be made either in writing via letter at your apartment and posted in the leasing office, laundries, mail boxes and/or via public address system if applicable or posted on

Hurricanes give us a fair amount of warning. Please follow these simple steps, and whatever other instructions you are given by our staff. We will communicate updates that we received regularly to you. Currently we are not under any watch or warning conditions from the National Weather Service, and this is just an informational notice.