Gasparilla 2017!

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Announcement for Multiple Communities

Good afternoon McKinley Hyde Park residents! It is that time of year again! For those of you who have lived in Tampa or Hyde Park before, you probably know what I mean. For all of you new folks, it’s Gasparilla season!

This time of year can be fun for all ages depending on the particular event. With that fun comes traffic and road closures, so it’s important to plan for your next 2 weekends to avoid any surprises. Some locations in Hyde Park will be affected differently than others.

This weekend is the Children’s Parade and next weekend is the real deal! Some of our communities have off street parking that is normally open to visitors and residents. In order to help insure that residents can find parking and non-residents do not utilize our spaces, we are giving out temporary parking passes for each resident. These passes will be given based on residents on the lease. If you have guests with you, they will need to use the maps in the link below to find other appropriate city parking. Please display these passes on your dashboard to avoid being towed. Keep these passes for next weekend also, we will be enforcing this next Friday and Saturday.

Check out this link from the City of Tampa for more information about road closures and even times.

*Road Closure and Traffic Advisory links are helpful! There are PDF maps for each neighborhood in Hyde Park/SoHo/Palma Ceia

Have a fun and safe Gasparilla weekend!

Cheers, Mates! Jason, Mary, Austin, Jeremy, Courtney, Diana, Lisa, Krista, Wilson, Ryan, Eileen, Michele, and Bobbie

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I have not yet received a parking pass. Will they be located on our doors or in our mailboxes?

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We have not received our passes yet either.

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We just got them, hung on the door knob. Thanks!