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Announcement for Multiple Communities

Good afternoon Residents, 


New year, fresh start! That is going to be our motto going into 2018! We are starting with Pet Waste, which has been a problem and concern at all our communities. Yesterday, my maintenance team spent the majority of the day picking up ALL the pet waste at your communities. This takes them away from them completing work orders in your homes and it not the best use of their time. 


I have recently ordered additional pet waste stations for a majority of my communities. Moving forward my team is committed to insuring those pet waste stations stay full at all time with waste bags for your convenience. It is the pet owners responsibility to pick up after your pet. It is a lease violation if you do not and you will be subject to a $25 fine. I appreciate all the pet owners that already abide by this rule. I need everyones help in insuring that we keep our communities and your home beautiful. Please let me know if you witness someone not adhering to this. 


We are in this together! Lets take pride in where we live! 


Thank you, 

Alex Boothe

Community Manger