How to make RECYCLING your 2018 resolution!

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Announcement for Multiple Communities

Dear McKinley Residents,

Now that you’ve vowed to get to the gym more, take some time to help others, and cut back on some of your vices, we would like to ask you to make recycling part of your 2018 New Year’s resolutions.

It’s never too late to begin taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint. In 2018, let’s all strive to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Here are just 6 simple tips for cutting down on waste in the New Year:

1. Go paperless. If you haven’t already, let the New Year motivate you to finally make the switch from mailed bills and bank statements to a greener, digital format. If you’ve been getting catalogs that you don’t need, take the steps to take your name off those mailing lists.

2. Ban Styrofoam. If you need disposable plates, opt for something more recyclable. You could also try suggesting that your favorite takeout place switch to something more environmentally friendly.

3. Bagless is better. You’ve heard it before, but this year, take action. Plastic bags get caught in recycling machines, so bring a reusable bag with you when you go shopping. Bags that collapse into small pouches can be easily thrown into a purse or jacket pocket.

4. Cut down on vampire energy. When you’re not using one of your many electronic devices, unplug them. This includes computers, video game systems, cell phone chargers, etc. Plugging all electronics into a power strip makes it easy to unplug all items at once when not in use. This can result in savings on your electricity bill, too!

5. BYOC: Bring your own cup or container. Coffee shops are unlikely to object to filling your washable to-go cups, and while your waiter might look askance at the to-go container you’ve brought from home, you can rest easy knowing every little bit helps.

6. Recycle! If you’re reading this entire post, you likely recycle already, but this year, see if there’s something you can improve upon. Do you toss shredded paper in the trash? Throw away containers holding liquid just because you don’t want to pour it out? Take the steps necessary to be the best recycler you can be, and then consider encouraging others to do the same.

The City of Tampa has recently made some changes to what they will and will not recycle. Unfortunately, if the wrong things go into the recycle they will label the bin "contaminated" and will not pick it up. Please see below for what is acceptable to recycle. 


City of TAMPA


· Aluminum foil & pie tins · Aluminum cans & bottles · Plastic Bottles, Containers and Jugs · Tin Cans · Food and Beverage Cartons (e.g. milk, juice, soup broth, etc.) · Mixed paper · Corrugated cardboard* · Magazines/Catalogs · Newspapers (and inserts) · Paperboard (e.g. cereal boxes and soda boxes) · Phone books · Junk mail

*Cardboard: Please make sure that cardboard is flattened and cut down to fit in your green cart.




If you have any questions or concerns regarding what can and can’t be recycled, please call or visit the leasing office and we will be happy to assist you!

Thank you and Happy New Year!



Alex Boothe

Community Manager