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oswnagmax's picture

No hot Water

Feedback Problem for Westwood Suites

please restore the service of hot water as soon as possible.

celia.patton's picture
celia.patton McKinley Employee

We have this back up and running and I certainly apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused

HJ1178's picture

No hot water

Feedback Problem for Westwood Suites

we need our hot water please, it is impossible to take a shower with this water

celia.patton's picture
celia.patton McKinley Employee

I apologize for this as it was due to the contractor hitting the line. I am glad it is back on but certainly am sorry for the inconvenience!

Mariedawn88's picture

Hot Water

Feedback Question for Westwood Suites

Has anyone else had an issue with the lack of hot water since the water was turned back on this afternoon? I hope this is a quick fix as it would be nice to be able to shower!

HJ1178's picture

If I also have the same problem it is impossible to shower with that cold water, hopefully not having to wait for the office staff not to work until Tuesday or Wednesday to solve this problem

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Water Service Interruption

Announcement for Westwood Suites


Our water will need to be shut off temporarily. A contractor working on lines has hit a pipe. We do not know how long this will take to repair. I apologize for this as I know we are all trying to get ready for the hurricane. The contractor states it should only be a few hours.

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Inclement Incoming Weather

Announcement for Westwood Suites

Good afternoon residents. By now you all should have gotten information from our office on preparation for the hurricane. Please be sure to read carefully all the information given. It can really help you and our office during this storm. I will keep everyone updated as much as I can from home as we all hunker down during this time. You are welcome to communicate with me here as well should you have questions or concerns.

Due to current projections of this storm, we will be closed on Tuesday, September 3rd as well as Monday, September 2nd which is the holiday. At this time, we do...

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Hurricane Dorian

Announcement for Westwood Suites

Dear Resident:

Currently we are not under any watch or warning conditions from the National Weather Service. This is just an informational notice.

As you know, during some months of the year, usually between June and November, hurricanes can occur. We have taken reasonable precautions to ensure your safety should a hurricane occur knowing what to do is one of the most important precautions you can take and is your responsibility.

1 WHAT IS A HURRICANE? - Let's begin with things you should know about a hurricane itself. A hurricane is an intense storm with winds of...

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Office Closed Labor Day

Announcement for Westwood Suites

Just a reminder that the office will be closed for Labor Day Monday September 2nd. Please remember that rent is still due and payble on the first and late on the 3rd. Be sure that all payments are made. You should not be paying at the office going forward. Late fees will be charged on the 3rd and there will be no exceptions. I am including again your payment options. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Online Checking/ACH: Option is free and can be utilized by setting up your checking and routing number.

Pay by Debit Card: Just enter your debit card...

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Residents first??? Part2

Feedback Problem for Westwood Suites

We are still waiting for them to find a plumber to fix the hot water of hell that we have in the apt. Apparently there is no plumber in all Orlando area who can fix the water. It is an insult that we have to pay 1,600 dollars a month and we can hardly bathe with that hot water from hell. If there is anyone reading this please WE NEED HELP! WE WANT TO HAVE A GOOD LIFESTYLE FOR WHAT WE PAY !! WE ARE NOT ANIMALS !! WE HAVE CHILDREN!

celia.patton's picture
celia.patton McKinley Employee

I would be happy to discuss with you the issue again. We want everyones stay here to be an amazing one! 

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Brief Hot Water Shut Off

Announcement for Westwood Suites

Good Afternoon Westwood Suites Residents,

We do hope everyone is having a fantastic day! Unfortunately the Hot water will be being turned off in the next 30 mins. The Hot water shut off, should only affect the front part of the community. Which will be the following buildings, 6812, 6813, 6801,6825. This should last for a couple of hours. If you have any further concerns please feel free to reach out to your Management Team!

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Pool Spas

Announcement for Westwood Suites

Good afternoon Westwood Beloved Residents

I am going to have to close both of our spas temporarily for some much needed repairs. Please do not use either of them until further notice. We will get them up and running as soon as possible! Thank you for your patience with this matter.