Thanksgiving-Office Hours & Holiday Recommendations!

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Announcement for Westwood Suites

Dear Residents,

The holidays are here and that means the time of year for family, friends, good food, sweet treats and even lending a helping hand to those in need! We want everyone to have a wonderful and stress-free holiday, so we are here to help avoid any “Turkey Day” delays. Below we have outlined our Holiday Leasing Office hours, safety tips and recommendations, as well as a very important initiative we would like all of our residents and team members to partake in if possible!

We would also like to advise that in observation of the holiday, and to allow all of our team members the opportunity to enjoy time with their loved ones, we have modified our Leasing Office Hours for next week. Please see below:


Monday 11/19:                    10am-6pm

Tuesday 11/20:                    10am-6pm

Wednesday 11/21:              10am-3pm

Thursday 11/22:                   Office Closed

Friday 11/23:                        Office Closed

Saturday 11/24:                   Office Closed

Sunday 11/25:                      Office Closed

We would also like to advise of a few safety tips and recommendations for the upcoming week:

  • Please be sure to plan for package deliveries and ensure to retrieve your packages before the closed or early closing dates listed above.
  • We are asking for everyone to test your stoves and ovens to make sure everything is working properly and to report any issues to the office before the end of this week or submit your work order request online through your My McKinley account.
  • Please do not cover the stove top drip pans or the bottom of the oven with aluminum foil. Lining these pans and the bottom of the oven with foil is not a safe alternative for regular cleaning and replacement of the drip pans. In addition, this unsafe alternative also may result in the risk of electric shock, cause short circuits, fire, damage of electrical components, and puts you at risk of injury. Please remove any aluminum foil from your stove top or oven to avoid damaging your range or exposing yourself to safety risks.

With everyone's help and cooperation we can make this holiday season a time to enjoy your family and friends.

Happy Holidays,

Your Team at Westwood Suites