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Announcement for Westwood Suites

Good Evening Westwood Residents                                                                 10/10/19

I wanted to take a moment and reach out to all of you with what I feel is amazing news!!! I know that in the past we have had some issues with our plumbing that has reached property wide sometimes. This has for the most part been due to old piping.  I want you to know that we at Westwood understand the frustration this has caused. We are so grateful for your patience during these times.

Now the good news. Starting very soon, we will begin the process of re-piping our entire community! This is going to be help our community stop some of these previous issues. It will require some more patience on your part briefly as we go thru the process though. Once we begin this work, you will need to have your personal belongings removed from your bathroom shower/tubs, on top of vanity areas as well as underneath in the cabinets, your linen area, and kitchen under the sink area. Also, put any pets in pet crates or make arrangements for them to be taken care of during this time. They will do the work by building and will do approximately 6 homes a day. The work could take 3 days per home depending on the work. Once the actual plumbing work is complete, they will seal off the openings in the sheetrock pending inspections. Once the inspections are cleared they will begin the sheetrock and paint repairs.

I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause but it will greatly improve your homes. We will start the first phase of this as mentioned, in October. Phase 1 will be the front part of our community. Phase 2 will start in January and include the back buildings. I will keep each building up to date as we determine as we can, actual start dates etc.

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.


Celia Patton / Community Manager