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Water will be shut off

Announcement for Riva

The water will be shut off for the following buildings:






We are fixing a water pipeline.

We apoligize for the inconvenience. The water will be turned on as soon as it is resolved the estimated time is 1 HOUR.

Thank you

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Croissant Day – January 30, 2020

Event for Riva


While most of us know it as a french speciality, the croissant actually originated in Austria under the name “kipferls”. Marie Antoinette first introduced the Austrian pastry to France when she married into the royal family and requested the simple cake in the crescent shape of her homeland. The French bakers created fancier versions of “kipferls” and thus, the croissant was born. In France, the...

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Being a good neighbor!

Announcement for Riva

Good afternoon RIVA Residents,

As it is the start of the New Year, it is always important to be reminded of helpful safety tips to keep you and your family protected at all times. We urge you to report ANY suspicious activity, such as people walking or driving up and down the property, checking for unlocked doors or looking in windows and vehicles.

The most important thing you can do is call the police to report a crime or any suspicious activity. You are the eyes of our community!

Residential Safety Tips:

Make your home look occupied and difficult to break...

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Christmas Decorations -Important Notice

Announcement for Riva

Happy New Year!

Now that the holidays are over, it's time to take down all the Christmas trees and Holiday decorations. Those who have natural trees may find it a little bit more difficult as you may not know where or how to discard them. No worries!

Here are some helpful tips...



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Diamela me ayudo

Feedback Praise for Riva

Diamela me ayudo

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diamela.atencio... McKinley Employee

Gracias a ustedes por ser nuestros residentes!

Siempre es un gusto ayudarles.

Feliz 2020!


Diamela Atencio-Ray
Customer Care Associate 2 
McKinley, Inc. | LIVE. WORK. SHOP. PLAY.


We Love Our Residents

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Reminder to all the Residents at Riva

Announcement for Riva

Payments of current accounts MUST be made online via My.Mckinley.com or via Cashpay at your nearest Walmart.

Starting January 1 st , we will no longer receive payments for current accounts at our office

Payment of your rent is Due on the 1 st of every month and we extend a courtesy day until the 2 nd of every month. Failure to pay on time will add a $100 late fee posted on the 3 rd of the month and a second late fee of $50 on the 10 th of the month. Late payments can only be made with a Money Order or a cashier’s check.

If 1 st or 2 nd day of the month falls on a...

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Announcement for Riva

In observance of the New Year’s Holiday, Riva Apartment Homes will be closed on Tuesday, December 31st, 2019 and Wednesday, January 1st, 2020.

Offices will reopen at their normal time on Thursday, January 2, 2020. Please have a safe holiday weekend.

CONTACT: (407) 351-4422


All public safety services, including police/law enforcement, fire and emergency response, will operate according to the normal schedule — 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Happy and Prosper 2020!

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Laundry Center

Announcement for Riva

Good day too all Residents,

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

Please, let's keep our Laundy Center clean.

If you use the facilities, please make sure to throw away your dryer sheets in the trash can as well as any junk mail.

Let's keep the Laundry Center looking nice and clean.

Thank you too all,

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"Holiday Celebration" at RIVA Apartment Home

Event for Riva


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Feedback Question for Riva

Im just checking in on bldg 4785, I heard smoke alarm for about an hour and smelled fire coming from a neighbor downstairs this morning but I had to leave for work shortly afterwards. Ive called the office several times to check on it but no answer.

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billiejo.favori... McKinley Employee

Hello Devi,

Sorry that we missed your call, I had my maintenance tech walk around the entire building and check all stairwells, and he was unable to smell smoke or hear a fire alarm. Everything thing looked good and there were no issues. But thank you so much for following up on this, we appreciate your concern and help with any issue that may arise. Thank you again and have a wonderful day!


Kind regards,

Billie Jo Favorite

Community Manager

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Great! Thanks for the response!