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Labor Day Weekend, please dont forget to drop your rent off today :)

Announcement for The Pines

Labor Day is a national legal holiday that is over 100 years old. Over the years, it has evolved from a purely labor union celebration into a general "last fling of summer" festival.

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Building 4419 repairs

Announcement for The Pines

You might hear a bit of banging on the roof today, No its NOT Santa coming early! We need to take care of an issue there for Berry. The repairs will be completed by Thursday afternoon, whether permitting.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause,

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Building 4405 outside repairs

Announcement for The Pines

We're running a bit behind schedule on the building due the the rain, however should have the job completed no later than Monday. Please do not hestitate to contact me should you have some questions,Thank you,Jeanette407 297-1500

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Hurricane Irene

Announcement for The Pines

Here's the latest on Irene, it looks like its not going to come our way, so no worries.Irene now a major, Category 3 hurricane, with 115 mph winds. Irene was 628 miles SE of Melbourne at 8 a.m.

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Many Thanks!!

Feedback Praise for The Pines

Kudos to the maintenance team at The Pines they are allways prompt to resolve our repairs special Thanks to Jeanette Wagner our Comunity Manager that allways greet customers with her smile and professionalism!!

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Very true!

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Monthly Rent for this Month

Feedback Question for The Pines

Hello, Just wanted to tell the rental office that my mother's rent will be late this month because her Social Security check that she uses to pay her rent has not been deposited into her account yet. As soon as this occur, we wil be subimitting our payment for the month of August. I try to call all day today to tell the rental manager but, the phone kept riging and nobody picked up. Sorry for the incovenience that this may cause. Thank you for your attention to this matter...

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jwagner McKinley Employee


I tried calling you back, please call me back on th eoffice phone at 407 297-1500 in the morning or email me at If you have any more questions.

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Flooding of my apartment(claim)

Feedback Problem for The Pines

To Whom it May Concern: This letter is to file a complaint and a claim for damages to my personal property due to flooding on 7/15/11. The flooding continue to happen in the master bedroom. I am located in building 4405 Apt. B-102,The Pines,Orlando,FL. The several flooding have occurred due to the foundation showing defects from construction. There have been two other flooding prior to the date stated above, in which our property inside the apartment has been damaged. With all three flooding, the management had the carpets dried. When the second flooding occurred,management only replaced a...

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jwagner McKinley Employee

Hello AnnaBeth,
Please call me when you get home.

Thank you

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Now I'm in B-102 and just got flooded this past Saturday. See my post above dated 6/10/13 for details.

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Pool Party

Event for The Pines

Many questions about the pool lets plan on having it at the pool this Saturday.... Rain, rain...go away~We're HAVING this party!

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Pool party

Feedback Question for The Pines

Is there a date schduled for the party yet?

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jwagner McKinley Employee

Yes! This Saturday, at Noon..Are you coming?

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jwagner McKinley Employee

See you on saturday than :)

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Found small dog

Announcement for The Pines

A mixed male puppy, very friendly, has made his way to the office and is hanging out with me. Please call me if you lost him 407 297-1500 give me a discription.Thank youJeanette

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jwagner McKinley Employee

We found the owner! Thank you to those that helped in finding the puppies home. I would also like to remind you, that this is why we ask for a picture of your pet to place in your reident file, so we can get your pet a bit faster to you..Please come by the office or email me a picture if you have not done

Thank you guys

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Hi Miss Jeanette!! Hope ur summer is going well. I cant tell u how much i am missing the pines!!!!