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Happy Mother's Day!

Announcement for The Pines

Happy Mother's Day from The Pines family! We hope you enjoy your weekend!


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Patrol Services Effective Tonight

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Good Afternoon Valued Residents,

I am pleased to announce that we are now providing courtesy patrol services through Signal 88 Security. Please be advised that as of tonight, you may see a uniformed security officer patrolling the community on-foot and in their marked vehicle between the hours of 7pm-5am. Should you notice any suspicious activity or community violations, please contact their Non-Emergency Alert Response Line at (407)456-9006. If you have any emergencies, dial 911 immediately .

Please contact us at 407.295.5933 or 407.297.1500 should you have any questions....'s picture

Great news about security .

Thank you Mary Beth's picture

Awesome maybe they can start with the people driving up into the pool area :/

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marybeth.lopez McKinley Employee

Good Morning!

I'm glad you are both excited as I am! Yes, they will be patrolling the pool and hot tub areas as well. Thank you for the recommendation!


Mary Beth's picture

Yes the pool areas just getting worse and worse and the overnight parties don’t help. People revving their cars late and jumping the gate or just walking not sure if it’s Locked or not.

But yea I’m not mad that this happens
I’m mad that this makes us pay for the disregards of their partying...
Curfew closures etc...

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Great news

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Grills on Patio/Balcony- Please Read

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Good Afternoon Studio Parc and The Pines Residents,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and enjoying the warm weather! I'd like to thank each and every one of you for your residency and for welcoming me to the communities. I'd like to also take a moment to remind you of our Rules and Regulations that are set forth in the Resident Handbook.

While walking the communities, I've noticed several apartments with grills stored in patios/balconies and I thought it would be imperative that I remind you that this is prohibited . Our Resident Handbook states, "No charcoal,...

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good evening since you are walking through the condominiums would like you to walk here in our condo in the afternoon by 06:00 pm you arrive the service has no parking space at your gate then you leave the market and lose the vacancy have to stop further still I would like you to study a way to mark the vacancy for each apartment so you would not have stress everyday Thank you

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Tomorrow's Office Hours

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Good Afternoon Valued Studio Parc and The Pines Residents,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and enjoying this amazingly breezy weather! I am just reaching out to inform you that we will be closing tomorrow, April 25th at 3:30 pm. Should any maintenance emergency arise please call 407.297.1500 or 407.295.5933 and select option "1" to be transferred directly to our emergency maintenance line. We will resume our normal office hours at 10 am on Friday, April 26th.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding!

Have a lovely...

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good morning, you are amazing they close the pool on weekends, are the only days I have to share with my family in that area and you close it, good work friends

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Feedback Problem for The Pines

Hello. I am worry about this situation. Every time I have to go to the lease office because the AC does not work properly. Also I have ROACHES in my house, those bugs have been getting out from the pipelines. THIS IS REALLY DISGUSTING.

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marybeth.lopez McKinley Employee

Good Afternoon Gabriel,

I tried calling you today but was unable to reach you. I wanted to personally apologize for what you are experiencing and gather further information from you. I've taken the liberty of placing your apartment on this week's pest control treatment list and will do so for next week as well. I will also send maintenance to inspect your air conditioner. Please return my call when you have a moment or feel free to email me at


Mary Beth

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favian vera morales

Señores esten pendiente hoy se metieron en mi apartamento e intentaron llevarse el carro de jugar de mi hijo.

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Feedback Problem for The Pines

I am so tired and disgusted over this roach situation. I have lived in The Pines for years and the roach problem never goes away. I even do my own pest control to slow them down, but now their coming through the vents and down the wall. I have kids so I keep my place very clean and this is disgusting. So sorry I agreed to renew my lease. This is getting to be unbearable.

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marybeth.lopez McKinley Employee

Good Afternoon Carmen,

Thank you for informing us of your concerns and for taking my call today. I'm so sorry for what you're experiencing. As mentioned, a technician from Total Pest Services will be inspecting your apartment today who will treat if necessary and will recommend next steps. I will follow up with you post inspection and will inform you of the plan of action to resolve this. Should you have any questions at all for me, please contact me at 407.297.1500 or email me at We appreciate your residency.


Mary Beth 

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Feedback Problem for The Pines

It seems the towing company is allowed to steal your car. I had my Jeep properly tagged with The Pines parking decal on it. Since this isn't a car I drive every day it was a week since I noticed it. At no time was I contacted by The Pines nor the towing company...

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marybeth.lopez McKinley Employee

Good Afternoon Dianne,

I'm sorry that we keep playing phone tag! I left a message on your voicemail a few moments ago. Again, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you've experienced. I'm elated to know that your vehicle was not in fact stolen but was a huge misunderstanding and they've agreed to return it. Should you need anything further from me, please do not hesitate to contact me at 407.297.1500. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 


Mary Beth

DianneRentz's picture

Mary Beth, thank you very much for handling this. You and Tamara have been a great help in getting my car returned to me. I now have my car back!!

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Safety announcement!

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Good morning all Pines and Studio Parc residents,

I hope you are all doing well!

We wanted to let you all know that we became aware of a crime that apparently occurred late last night and early this morning in the immediate area. While the crime did not occur on either of our properties, we wanted to take this opportunity to provide a safety announcement to you.

It is always important to be reminded of helpful safety tips to keep you and your family protected at all times. We urge you to report ANY suspicious activity, such as people walking or driving up and down...'s picture

Unfortunately crime HAS made its way to us here my neighbor has their apt broken into in building 4615

vanessa18's picture

That is not good at all - We need more security, even in the buildings.

jrcorp74's picture

Yes agree
A night security walking thru all buildings 11pm to 7 am

Oneleila's picture

This is scary, I believe I’ve seen that apartment with the broken glass, I’m too close to it. We need better security. One day there’s a cop around the next there’s none. We need an officer that actually stays there like said .. 11pm to 7 am's picture

I agree to some extent, realistically to do so would more than likely cost a pretty penny that will end up raising the rent to circumvent the addition.
The only good thing about robberies in a complex or gated community is that they rarely target the same location twice or thrice if they feel brave.
Due in part that communities like ours have ways to communicate that these things happen. Be it word of mouth or announcements from the property staffing.
It does suck and its super unfortunate that this happened to us here, but just being somewhat friendly and calling out shady things can and will help keep one another safe.
But this is one mans opinion on the matter.

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Friendly Reminder

Announcement for The Pines

Good Afternoon Pines Residents,

I hope that your day is going well. This is just a friendly reminder that your rent payment is due on March 1, 2019.

We would like to thank all residents who have taken the time to transfer your financial information to our new payment system, PayLease. Any residents that have not set up your...

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Feedback Problem for The Pines

Temp in apartment climbing again; please implement a permanent fix. Embarrassing with guests here, and uncomfortable for all. Currently 83, and climbing. : (

mtf1106's picture

Tech checked things out, and said someone should address frion leak. The sooner, the better, please. Thanks.

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davidallen12 McKinley Employee

Good morning Ms. Ferrell,  thank you for making me aware of the issues you experienced with the air conditioning last evening.  I am sorry that it was not working properly for you.  

It sounds like Ray was able to come out and address the problem.  Did you happen to call the on call tech last night for maintenance emergencies?  Please do that in the future if you have any form of maintenance emergency issue while our office is closed.  I will enter a work order to determine a permanent resolution to the air conditioning.   

Thank you Ms. Ferrell!  I hope you have a good day today!

Best regards,

David Allen

Community Manager