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Feedback Question for Monterey Lake

I noticed that the washer and dryer takes a card and not change... so are they cards that are provided by you and need to be refilled? or do they take debit cards?

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ARainey McKinley Employee


I am the new community manager and am available to answer any questions you may have. You can stop by the office anytime during office hours to purchase a card for the laundry areas, once you have your initial card you can refill it as needed.

I would love to meet you! Next time you stop by the office please ask for me.


Adrianne Rainey

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Update on AC/HEAT System

Announcement for Monterey Lake

Dear Valued Residents:

In order to keep you as comfortable as possible at all times during this unusual weather span, we will be turning
the HEAT on at 6pm each night this week. The weather is projected to be warm during the day so we will be turning the system back to NEUTRAL during the day starting at 9am. We hope you all have a wonderful Holiday week and if you have any questions regarding the boiler system here at Monterey Lake feel free to call the office.

Best Wishes!

-Monterey Lake Staff
407 352 6891

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let's heat up the pools this time of year

Feedback Idea for Monterey Lake

correct me if i'm not right,but i dont believe any of the pools are heated. [idea] just heat one or two of the pools and close the other pools this time of one is swining in them under the age of sixteen anyhow...

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TiagoMaia McKinley Employee

Hello Gary,

Thank you for your feedback! Because we live in Florida most places do not have heated pools because of our wonderful weather. We do however have four heated jacuzzi spas you may use! Thanks again for your feedback and if you have any other additional questions please contact us anytime at the front office.

-Monterey Lake Staff

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Holiday Sunday Brunch

Event for Monterey Lake

Monterey Lake Apartments Invites You To A Holiday Sunday Brunch Sunday, December 19th From 11am to 1 pm*Beverages and Light Breakfast Items!*Children's Holiday Movie!*Get To Know Your Staff and Neighbors!Donate A Non-Perishable Food Item Or New Unwrapped Toy And Be Entered In A Drawing For A Holiday Surprise!

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In the office? I've already donated an unwrapped toy :) will I still be entered in the drawing?

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Feedback Question for Monterey Lake

Alright i called earlier today to find out if the heat would be turned on because its been forecasted to be below 40 for a few days and i was told yes. and its not on, is it going to be on soon??? the second question is when its below 40 for four days then one day 44 and then goes back under 40 do you turn off the heat for that one day then back on???

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Lexie McKinley Employee

Thank you for the feedback. You are absolutely correct that the heat is turned on when the forecast predicts the temperature to 40 degrees. The Boilers were in neutral when you called. This is the step we take prior to turning the Boilers all the way on to heat. The heat was in process when you called. Unfortunately this process takes a bit of time as the water needs to heat. When the forecast fluctuates from warm to cold we will put the system back in neutral. If the forecast predicts a continuous cold snap we will leave the Boiler system in heat mode. I would like to thank you for the question.

courtneyd's picture

But at what point do you consider to put it to neutral is it anything above 40? 41? I was just looking ahead to next week where it is forcasted to be 41 most nights so do you consider that warm and turn it off

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noise complaints

Feedback Question for Monterey Lake

who do we contact about excessive noise during the day? For example I am a dog owner and understand that they will bark and whine. My neighbor though has a dog that cries loudly enough for me to think it is in my room for 5 hours at a time. I can't tell who it is so i can't talk to them personally. Is there any way to file the complaint?...

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todd.bennett McKinley Employee

All complaints should be directed to the leasing/management office at (407) 352-6891. We will research the issue and work on a resolution.

Lotus87's picture

thank you i will definitely go chat with them cause the dog cries every day. I would prefer not to get someone in trouble but if their pet is that distressed by their absence they should sedate the poor thing

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Holiday Toy & Food Drive

Announcement for Monterey Lake

Tis The Season To Give! Monterey Lake is partnering with Oasis Tans for a "Toys for Tots" toy drive! Bring new, unwrapped gifts to the leasing office to help those less fortunate. Every donation, big or small is greatly appreciated. We are also still running our holiday food drive for non-perishable food goods! Both drives will end on December 20th, 2010From the entire Monterey Lake and McKinley family ... we thank you for your participation and wish for a safe, happy holiday and new year to all.

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Accidently Paid twice

Feedback Question for Monterey Lake

I accidently pushed the pay now button twice and submitted double the rent. How can I get one payment removed?

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JamesVuong McKinley Employee

Hi Anna,

We were able to remove one of the payments. You should have received a refund confirmation in your yahoo email account.

Let us know if you need anything else!

James Vuong

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Carpet and Air Condition vents

Feedback Problem for Monterey Lake

I just bought a steam cleaner and cleaned the bedroom rug, I now have a urine smell that will not go away. I put baking soda down which is suppose to pull the smell out and it turned yellow which shows me it is urine. I do have pets but they are not allowed in the bedroom the door remains shut at all times. We can not even sleep in there because the smell is so strong. Like I said I already tried to clean it and it will not come out. Also our air condition vents give off a nasty smell when they are on and have mold in them. I really appreciate all of the services that I have recieved and the...

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TiagoMaia McKinley Employee

Dear Mr Murphy,

Thank you for your feedback. We will be working to fixing this problem as quickly as possible. I will be in contact with our maintenance team to take care of the air conditioning vents and taking care of your carpet issue in the bedroom as well. Again thank you for your feedback and if you need anything at all please do not hesitate to contact us at the office.

Montery Lake Staff

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Lexie McKinley Employee

Dear Mr. Murphy,

I would like to apologize for your concerns with your home. I appreciate your feedback. I have spoken with Khan, our Maintenance Supervisor and he would like to follow up on the work that was done in your home this weekend and inspect your carpet. We are having trouble contacting you. Can you please call the office at your earliest convenience to schedule a time that is best for you? Thank you again for contacting us.

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Thank you

Feedback Praise for Monterey Lake

I want to say thank you for all the well wishes ....