Monterey Lake

Monterey Lake Apartments
6701 Westwood Boulevard
Orlando, Florida, 32821

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Event for Multiple Communities

Happy Wednesday McKinley Family!!!ITS TIME TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE!!! I know we are all very competitive people and its time to show the rest of World what we got! This Saturday, May 22nd, we will be participating in the Charity Challenge to raise money for our Cystic Fibrosis charity. To learn more about the charity please feel free to visit . The event will be held at the Florida Citrus Bowl from approximately 8 AM to 5PM....

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Want to Save $50 off your next months RENT?

Announcement for Monterey Lake


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You can go paperless with ISTA!

Announcement for Multiple Communities


Did you know that you can have your ISTA bill directly
emailed to you? Please provide your request to the management office. Your
request must be in writing or can be sent to the office via email. It must
contain your:

Name Address Phone Number Email Address

We will submit
your information to ISTA to have your bill generated electronically and sent to
you. Enjoy this new feature!


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Temporary Air Conditioner Shut Off in Courtyard M - N - P - Q

Announcement for Monterey Lake

May 3, 2010

Dear Resident(s),

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Temporary water shut off H,I,J,K & L courtyard

Announcement for Monterey Lake

Dear Resident(s),I am deeply sorry for having to notify you that the water will be shut off as you arrive home. This should be repaired shortly. We currently have Plumbers and Boiler Technicians on the way to the property to fix this situation. We also have our Facility Director working in conjunction with the vendors to ensure a speedy repair. We do not want you to be without water for any longer than nessasary. I would like to Thank You once again for your patience throughout this entire repair.

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EarthDay Birthday 17!!!!!!!

Announcement for Monterey Lake

The Local Station 101.1 WJRR is hosting its 17th annual Earthday Birthday Concert on May 1st 2010. " Earthday Birthday 17: Almost Legal ". This is a great event being held at Tinker Field Downtown Orlando. Tickets are $46.00 for general admission and they also offer V.I.P. Upgrades as well.There is a great lineup this year: -Korn-Sevendust-Papa Roach-Chevelle-Supervillains -.......and many many moreFor more info and to purchase tickets go to:

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No Hot Water

Announcement for Monterey Lake

Dear Residents,
Due to an unforeseen malfunction the Boiler that services buildings H, I, J, K, and L is inoperable. You will be without hot water until Wednesday April 21st. The system has to be replaced rather than repaired. We have had to order a custom made part for this Boiler. The part is in route from Tennessee. If the part arrives sooner than Wednesday we will of course have the part installed sooner.
The repairs should be completed within the specified time frame.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and appreciate your understanding. We are...

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BLanger McKinley Employee

GREAT NEWS!!! This is why our company is amazing!!! I just got off the phone with my regional manager and a temporary boiler is on its way to Monterey Lake for the H I J K L courtyard. At McKinley and Monterey Lake our residents are family and we are not going to let our family go two days without Hot water. So thanks for your patients and understanding but you will have hot water to take showers and cook with TONIGHT!!! The custom made part is still being delivered and will be installed Wednesday. But after they finish installing it we should have no more Hot Water problems!!!! Again we apologize but are happy to say you will be back up in running in a few hours!!! I wanna give a big thanks to everyone who is working hard to solve this problem, I know our residents appreciate it!!!

Brant Lang
Senior Sales Associate

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Zman17 McKinley Employee

Dear Residents,

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience, we have run in to a set back on the temporary boiler system, unfortunately, due to the time, we were unable to find a business open to supply the propane tank we need to run the equipment. we will be on the ground at 8am setting up the equipment and should have you up and running by 10am. As Brant mentioned earlier, all of our residents are very important to us and we greatly appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this issue. Thanks again and please don't hesitate to call the number listed above with any questions or concerns.

Jason Zarzycki
Facility Director

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Now we need our hot tub. Up and runnning. What's the hold up?

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15 year resident

Feedback Praise for Monterey Lake

if you want a home where they greet you as one of the family,then monterey lake is for you......why would I move if I'm home.grounds are impecable and the service is in a timely manner.the rent is very inexpensive and your neighbors are friendly.monterey lake is for me,what about you?...

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AlbertLBerriz McKinley Employee


Thank you very much for this feedback! It gives us great pride to know that you have enjoyed your 15 years with us as a resident.

Please let us know if there's anything we can do for you.


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cford McKinley Employee


You just made my day! I will be at Monterey tomorrow and would love to personally say thank you to you. You have entrusted us with your home for 15 years. That is extra special.

Cecelia Ford

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AlbertMBerriz McKinley Employee

Dear Fanny,

Thank You! Here is to another 15 years together and beyond!

Warmest Regards,


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People have been raped in this neighborhood and there are drug dealers in every building.

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Leasing Office incompetence.

Feedback Problem for Monterey Lake

I live at Monterey Lake Apartments. Today on 4/7/2010, the office was supposed to close at 7pm but instead it closed at 6pm and there was no note stating it was going to be closing early. I needed to put money on my laundry card so I could wash my work outfits. I had to wash it by hand because they decided to close early. There were 4 other people at the office with me that needed to complete their tasks also. The sign said they would be back at 8 but the office doesn't open up until 9am and would be closed at 8pm. The office is one of the most unproffesional offices I've ever seen...

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Happy Holiday Weekend!

Announcement for Monterey Lake

Dear Friends,I just wanted to say thank you and I hope your enjoy this marvelous holiday weekend!Albert M. BerrizCEO McKinley