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Bulky Items at Trash Compactor

Announcement for Conway Forest

Residents, There are currently many bulky items at the trash compactor. We understand these items detract from the look of the property and they are scheduled to be removed on Friday 05/28/2010. We apologize for the inconvience and appreicate your patience. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the leasing office at (407) 896-5440. We appreicate you and welcome your feedback.

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Water Bill Posting

Feedback Question for Conway Forest

Why can't our water bills be posted, at least, two weeks in advance of the due date, instead of five days, as is the case for May, 2010? I was ready to pay last week, along with all my other bills, but the amount wasn't posted yet, even though I had already received the post card statement of the amount owed. Thank you for your time and consideration...

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amacklin McKinley Employee

Thank you for this feedback, it is a great question that many people have asked. I appreciate that you regularly pay on time and early. Thank you!

As you are aware, ista will mail your water bill to you. However, the water bills are not loaded into our system by ista until later in the month. Hence, your question today. I'm checking with my media department to see if there is a way that you can pay this before it is loaded into our database. As it stands now, you can either come to the leasing office or call and pay this bill with credit card via telephone if you are ready to pay ahead of time.

This is a new website for us and we're still working on ways to make it the most convenient and efficient for YOU. So, again, thank you for this feedback. We will work on improving this process for you!

Amanda Macklin
Community Manager
Conway Forest Apartments & The Crossings at Conway

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Admin McKinley Employee

Hi Debbie,

I just wanted to follow up with what Amanda mentioned about prepaying. You can prepay any amount at anytime on this site. All you need to do is change the "Payment Amount" value to the amount you want to pay.

You can also view your previous rent + utility payments by going to:

Let us know if you need any help!

James Vuong

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Partnering to keep Conway Forest Beautiful!!!!

Announcement for Conway Forest

Dear Residents,

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Pet Amnesty Agreement until May 28, 2010!!!!!

Announcement for Conway Forest

Dear Residents,
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amacklin McKinley Employee

This is great! I truly do encourage anyone who has a pet to take advantage of this! I can't wait to meet your furry family member!!! :)

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Event for Multiple Communities

Happy Wednesday McKinley Family!!!ITS TIME TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE!!! I know we are all very competitive people and its time to show the rest of World what we got! This Saturday, May 22nd, we will be participating in the Charity Challenge to raise money for our Cystic Fibrosis charity. To learn more about the charity please feel free to visit . The event will be held at the Florida Citrus Bowl from approximately 8 AM to 5PM....

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Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Announcement for Conway Forest

Attention Residents!!! On Thursday 05/13/10 and Friday 05/14/10 we will be conducting our annual fire extinguisher certifications as required by law. To expedite this process please place your fire extinguisher outside of your front door by 9:00am EST on Thursday AND Friday. Please do not leave your fire extinguisher outside over night. If your exitnguisher is not located at your front door at the time of inspection our contractor will enter your unit accompanied by a...

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chrisbenitezfl (not verified)

I got this in my email and have been trying to contact the office, but thus far no one has returned my call, I DO NOT HAVE a fire extinguisher in my apartment.

And so I don't have one to put out by my door.

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amacklin McKinley Employee

Thank you Chris!

I'm sorry we missed your call. I'm checking messages and have noted that you do not have an extinguisher. We will get you one immediately.

Amanda Macklin
Community Manager
Conway Forest Apartments & The Crossings at Conway

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Trash Compactor Update

Announcement for Conway Forest

Dear Residents, We are currently experiencing difficulties with our trash compactor. We are aware of this isssue and have advised our waste managment company. This issue should be resolved by the end of today (05/12/10). Please let us know if you have any concerns and we appreciate your patience. Amanda MacklinCommunity ManagerConway Forest Apartments&The Crossings at Conway

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You can go paperless with ISTA!

Announcement for Multiple Communities


Did you know that you can have your ISTA bill directly
emailed to you? Please provide your request to the management office. Your
request must be in writing or can be sent to the office via email. It must
contain your:

Name Address Phone Number Email Address

We will submit
your information to ISTA to have your bill generated electronically and sent to
you. Enjoy this new feature!


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Happy Mothers Day

Announcement for Conway Forest

Happy Mothers Day to all !!Wishing you all a fantastic mothers day. We could not be here with out you! Abraham Lincoln said it best....... "All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother." - Abraham Lincoln Enjoy your day!To say you have earned it would be an understatement :)

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Feedback Praise for Conway Forest

I would like to say that the employee staff at Conway Forest ROCK!! They are always very professional and go above and beyond our needs...Amanda, Thanks for being so helpful..Also, Thanks to all the maintnance guys for all you have done for me since I moved here!

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khensley McKinley Employee

Hi Bianca,

Thanks for the awesome feedback on our Team at Conway Forest. I agree, they do ROCK!

Regional Property Manager

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amacklin McKinley Employee

Thanks for the comment Bianca!

I'm so glad that we've been able to show you how much you are truly valued as a resident. Please let me know if there is anything we can do for you at anytime. We are at your service!

Amanda Macklin
Community Manager
Conway Forest Apartments & The Crossings at Conway

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Thanks again Ladies!!!