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Shower heads

Feedback Question for Conway Forest

Is it ok to replace the shower head with one that we have purchased?'s picture
michael.pingsto... McKinley Employee

Hi Phylena,
It is ok to change the shower head, please just keep the original one or drop it in the office when you are nearby.

Have a Great Day!

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I Come with Ducklings!

Announcement for Conway Forest

Hello Everyone! You may have been by the office already to meet me already, but if not, I'm the new guy! :) My name is Ian and I am the new Senior Sales Associate. I just wanted to take a moment and say hello and invite you to come by and say "Hello" too as I am anxious to meet all of you. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask and I will do my best to make sure you have everything you need! We also have some other new visitors! I hope you have noticed our new family of ducklings that are staying with us. I, of course, couldn't resist a picture :)Look forward to hearing from...'s picture

Pressure washing and painting

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Good evening!Monday April 16th we will do a quick pressure wash for building 3, 4, and the raquetball court so that we will be able to paint the breezeways and landings of buildings 3 and 4 along with the raquetball court on Tuesday April 17th.This paint will make the buildings look fresh and clean and should dry within a few hours of completion. We will continue to paint the remaining buildings in the upcomig months with our goal to complete them all before we get into the rainy season.We will post notices on every residents door for building 3&4) Monday as a reminder.Have a Great...'s picture

Wine Tasting

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Wine, cheese, crackers, all that is missing is you! Mark you calendars for May 3rd from 5pm to 7pm in the Conway Forest Clubhouse we will have a wine tasting provided by PRP Wine International. So bring your favorite wine glass and enjoy some wine and cheese with your neighbors and of course your Conway Forest Team will be around to meet and greet.Hope to see you there!Mike

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Work Order #256892

Feedback Question for Conway Forest

Wow! Talk about fast service and a new toilet to boot! Thank you, Scott. No more cleaning the toilet every 3 days.'s picture
michael.pingsto... McKinley Employee

Thank you for your positive feedback Debbie, I will be sure to share this with Scott and the other team members!

Have a Great Day!
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Thank you Shawn Sanford!

Announcement for Multiple Communities

I am sad to say that Shawn Sanford is leaving <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Conway Forest and is making a career change. She has decided to go back into the Real Estate field, and today will be her last day working at our Community :(. Although I have only had the pleasure of knowing and working with Shawn for a couple months, she has been a tremendous asset not only to Conway Forest but to McKinley as a whole. She always put our residents first, she played a big part in helping me make the transition from Hotel/Resort Management to...

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Work Order Feedback

Feedback Question for Conway Forest

Currently, a Work Order requests customers (residents) confirmation as follows: "The work has been completed for the work order. It is still open waiting on final confirmation from the customer that they are satisfied with the work." However, the end of the Work Order states as follows: "You'll be able to leave feedback once the work order is closed or cancelled." M-m-m-m, me thinks you need to re-work the Orders to allow residents to leave communication, prior to it being closed. Thank you...'s picture
michael.pingsto... McKinley Employee

Good Morning Debbie,

Thank you for posting your feedback regarding the work order process.
All of us in the office will be working on the follow up of the past work orders this next week and I believe that you will see where you will be able to leave the feed back for the work orders at that time.

Have a Great Weekend!

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New Customer Service Manager

Announcement for Conway Forest

Hello Conway Forest Residents! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to you. My name is Michelle Myers and I am going to be the new Customer Service Manager here at Conway Forest. I was previously the Customer Service Manager at another McKinley community called Azure Winter Park. I have been with McKinley since December and many of you might remember me from when I trained here at Conway Forest the first couple weeks of December. I have been working in property management for 3 years and just recently moved to the Orlando area from Gainesville, Fl. (Go Gators!) I am very excited...

FTQQ533810's picture

Hi Michelle, Welcome!

Would you please share with the residents what you do in your capacity as Customer Service Manager? In what instances would we want to seek out your help? What areas of service do you manage? At what address would we send you an e-mail?

Thank you

ft00907760's picture

I'm a bit late, but welcome Michelle. I am so glad to have you here. You were one of the main reasons that I decided to rent here. You showed me and my family around in December and you made a lasting impression. GO GATORS! Sad that Tebow went to the Jets.'s picture

Customer Service Manager

Announcement for Multiple Communities

I am very excited to announce Michelle Myers as our Customer Service Manager (CSM)!!! Michelle is transfering from one of our other McKinley Communities and starts at our Community tomorrow.Please stop by to say hello and welcome her if you have a moment to do so.Have a Great Night!Mike

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The last 10 months

Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

Moved in because appeared to be safe and for the Amenities have never been able to use any of them always closed or not in order. 1) I moved in in June pool closed shortly after 2) was told gym was 24 hr come to find out must pay for key 3) racquetball court is a mess can never play 4) tennis court light never on cant use 5) landscape company only does the grounds in the front where folks coming to look at units can see. Use to have grass now big holes and weeds, they blow leaves from one place to the other I have NEVER seen them pickup anything up. 6) Halls always dirty , use to power wash 7...'s picture
michael.pingsto... McKinley Employee

Good Evening Abranette,
I would like to thank you for taking the time to write and list the items that you have of concern. I have listed below how we have already addressed some of the items and what we are also doing to be proactive with others.

1) One of the first items we addresed when I arrived in February was to change the locks/latches at the pool area and to keep it open 24 hrs a day. I hope that all of our residents get the opportunity to enjoy this during our beautiful weather.
2) The fitness center is open 24 hrs a day, if you woluld like a key, there is a $25.00 refundable deposit for it.
3) The raquetball court is being cleaned on a daily basis and looks much better from when I first arrived, we are also looking into some painting and sealing of the walls and floors in the coming months.
4) The Tennis courts are lighted and are on a timer, the timer is located on the light pole itself. Please stop by the office and myself or one of the team will be glad to show you exactly where it is located.
5) We are working with the landscapers regarding the leaf blowing and also looking at adding some more grass throughout the year.
6) We are near completion with our pressure washing of the buildings, and will complete it this week. For the next step, we are looking at painting the breezways in each building during the next few months.
7) The car in the back of the Community was an isolated incident with that particular resident. They were able to get wheels within a couple days move it away. We want all of our residents to continue to feel safe and to look out for one another.
8) We have addressed with our residents about cleaning up after their pets, and our team has been instructed to mention to residents about the concerns and we will begin to issue fines for those residents that do not abide by the guidelines.
9) We have increased the frequency of the garage pick up in the community and have also increased the pick up of the recycling station from 1 days to 2 days. We will continue to monitor this to see any other adjustments need to be made.
10) I apologize for the turnover in office staff over the past several months. Brent was promoted to our Regional Director, we have added Mike Pry to head up our Maint team and I came on in February with the focus of providing our residents with the best possible team for their needs.
11) I am not aware of any breakins to any of our apts this year, we will continue to keep our lighting updated and report any suspicious persons to the authorities.
12) We want our Community to continue to be peaceful, please report any specific noise to the office so that we may address it promptly.

Thank you again for being a concerned and caring resident, please feel free to stop by to discuss any other items with me in the future.

Have a Great Night!