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Credit Card Convenience Fee Reminder

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Just a Reminder
Beginning with rent and NWP bills due on October 1, 2012, there will be some changes to your payment options. There will also be a convenience fee for certain types of payment transactions. These changes may or may not impact you, but we want to communicate well in advance to allow you time to prepare and ask any questions you may have.
Here are your options for paying rent and NWP bills beginning with the payments due on October 1, 2012:'s picture

Pest Control

Announcement for Conway Forest

For the next few weeks we will have our Pest Control Company focusing on the exterior of the buildings because of a recent influx of ants. In the meantime, please contact the office if you should need Pest Control inside your unit.Have a Great Day!Mike's picture

Papa Johns Pizza Night

Event for Multiple Communities

Just a reminder that Tomorrow night is Papa Johns Pizza Night!Papa Johns will be here in front of the Mail Center of Conway Forest from 5pm to 8pm selling $8.00 Large Pizzas and 2 Liter Sodas for our residents.Hope to see you there!Mike

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Auto Pay with ACH Checking Account

Feedback Question for Conway Forest

I just set up ACH Automatic rent withdrawals to begin on 10/01/12. However, my Conway Forest account log in # appears to have been altered from containing double "QQ's" to double "OO's". Would somebody please review the new account and advise me accordingly of the correct log in #? Also, will the $50 "free rent" credit be applied to my October rent payment? Thank you...

MichelleMMyers's picture
MichelleMMyers McKinley Employee

I'm very excited you chose to set up the Automatic ACH payment. Since you have signed up, you will be getting a $50 credit. I planned on applying tthe $50 credit to October's rent. If you want it for a different month, please just let me know.

Also, I just checked your resident code is it has double zeros. (00) Please make sure to update this on yur end so you have the correct code.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to give me a call at the office or email me directly at

Thanks again! Have a wonderful day!

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Hi Michelle, please apply the credit to October's rent. Thank you.'s picture

Palm Trimming

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Good Afternoon!I would like to make everyone aware that our Landscaping Company will be trimming the Palm Trees throughout the Community over the next couple of days. This will help give our Community a Fresh, Clean look for the fall.Have a Great Day!Mike's picture

Dogs in the Community

Announcement for Multiple Communities

I have noticed that some of our residents are allowing their pets to walk throughout the Community while not on a leash. I would like to remind our Residents that you are required to keep your dog on a lease while walking around the Community, the only exception is while in the Dog Park.Thank you all that continuely keep your dog on a leash.Have a Great Night!Mike's picture

Pest Control

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Pest Control was out last week for building 3 and we mistakenly posted a notice again this week. They will not be out this week to treat building 3.I apologize for any inconvenience.Have a Great Night!Mike's picture

Papa Johns Pizza Night

Event for Multiple Communities

Thursday Night September 27th from 5pm-8pm Papa Johns will be at the Mail Center in their Mobile Unit selling $8.00 Large Pizza to our residents. So do worry about making dinner, because Papa Johns will be here!Hope to see you then!Mike's picture

PaPa Johns Pizza Night!

Event for Multiple Communities

It's time again for Papa Johns Pizza Night!!!Thursday September 27th Papa Johns will be here with their mobile unit selling Large Pizzas for $8.00 next to the mail center. So don't worry about making dinner.Hope to see you then!!!Mike

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Hope I can remember it this time! Thanks, Mike.

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False Exagerated Noise Complaints

Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

I cant believe the hateful things people do now a days and how innocent people have to suffer without there even being any proof.My downstairs neighbors can just be so heartless. I have a 3 year old YES he does run , YES he does jump but After a certain time we shut it down, we do have respect for our neighbors. I have just received a note on my door with a 7 day notice. Because my tenant beneath me are accusing us of loud noises a banging on walls at 3 am. First of all this is completely false. No one in my apartment is up at that time. The sad part is you give us such a notice without any...'s picture
michael.pingsto... McKinley Employee

Good Afternoon Jose,

Thank you for your post regarding the noise complaints.

I would like to schedule a time for us to sit down and discuss the items that you have decribed in your post so that we may address them appropriately.

Please feel free to contact me at 407-896-5440 or email me at so that we may arrange a time and date for us to sit down.

Best Regards,