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Until We Meet Again...

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Dear Residents,

I wanted to inform you that as of tomorrow I will be starting a new chapter in my career with McKinley. I will be moving into my newest assignment as the Community Manager for a sister community in the Winter Park area.

I leave with great confidence in the staff we have, knowing that they are capable of overcoming any hurdles that may come their way, and addressing them singularly, and more importantly, together as we always have.

It’s been great knowing each and everyone of you, assisting with your residency needs and please know that I will always...

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Holiday Party

Event for Multiple Communities


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Anyone else have trouble with this site??

Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

I continually have problems to even get into the site and then once I finally do, many of the pages don't fully load/ let me click to let me do my thing to pay rent. I've now been hit with the late fee because of this... It's not the internet and or my laptop as this is the only place I've run into trouble but I swear it just seems worse each time....

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justina.holland McKinley Employee

Thank you for your feedback and concern Marisa. Per our conversation this has been addressed. Please feel free to call the office if you ever have any issues with the site. Have a great day. 

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Over it

Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

I don't know what happens with the payment of the rent, they promise something, they do everything different. I'm over it. 161.00 over my pay rent. When promise take me out. I'm want to move out soon. Is a disaster here...'s picture
maura.boschetti... McKinley Employee


Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your concerns regarding your payment and balance owed. I tried reaching out to you today and left you a voicemail.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience to further discuss.

Thank you,


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No Rent Payments Accepted In The Drop Box Reminder

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Dear Residents,

With December rent being due this Saturday, 12/1/18, we wanted to remind everyone that we are no longer accepting rent payments through the office drop boxes.

This decision was made for the protection and safety of our valued residents and their financial accounts. Unfortunately, there have been several cases of drop box theft and vandalism in our area which have compromised the accounts for renters at other communities.

We certainly do not want to make it more difficult for you to pay rent, but must be proactive in order to avoid any theft or...

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Missing Package

Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

Just wondering if there's anyway to see if anyone from Building 14 may have received a package that wasn't theirs? FedEx says it was delivered to my door last week, but I haven't received it, it is not in my mailbox, and the office doesn't have it. They're dental retainers, so I don't know why anyone would take them so I am thinking that they might have been misdelivered?...

JanKovarik's picture

Hi! We live in Bldg 14, but have not rec'd a package that was not mine (and if we had, we would have re-delivered it to you). This isn't the first time that a package has "gone missing" that was door-delivered to this building. FedEx now routinely just leaves packages at the door, with the FedEx delivery notice tag stuck to the package. Thus, if someone takes the package, that person also takes the delivery notice. We now have to be vigilant about deliveries. We know the expected delivery dates and get updates from FedEx, UPS, and USPS when we know a package has been shipped. You can sign up for a daily email from USPS as to what is being delivered that same day (the email alert includes scanned pictures of items being delivered as well as the number of packages that are to be delivered). As long as you know the tracking number (for any package from FedEx, UPS, or USPS), you can go online and sign up for email or text alerts regarding shipping and delivery. It is frustrating, but this seems to be the way of things now with FedEx, UPS, and USPS---they just leave packages at the door, often without even knocking on the door.

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Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

Can we somehow get control on people leaving their dogs on the patio, mostly during the night hours, where they left barking and growling for hours on end. I am tired of being woken up by other people’s dogs because they leave them on their patio either because they aren’t home or they just don’t want to bring them in the house. I know I was told to call maintenance about this but I feel bad calling them especially in the middle of the night for something that isn’t an emergency. There has to be some other solution.

kpalacio's picture

I agree with you. Even though I am not waking up in the middle of the night because of barking dogs, it does bother me when I am walking my dog at night and in the morning and hear caged dogs whimpering. Please can someone from the office contact apt 417. The poor dog that lives on the porch. Just because they are animals doesn't mean they need to live in a cage outside.

nrg324's picture

This is the resident of 417. The bog that you hear whimpering was kept outside while my father had to stay in the hospital due to a heart attack. I am highly allergic to animals and have made a comfortable space for him to stay. It was either this or the pound. Ms. Katie Palacio since you know exactly my apartment number, I would have appreciated that you had spoken to me in person than rather sit behind a screen not knowing the circumstances. Specifically posting my apartment number is extremely rude.

kpalacio's picture

I’m sure I’m not the only person that has heard your fathers dog whimpering. So you want me knocking at your door at 11pm? Yeah ok. How would I be greeted by that? My post was not rude just stating a fact that the dog was whimpering for days. You act like I called animal services and you got a ticket. All I said was for the office to call and find out what the deal is.

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Doggie Bags

Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

I usually have doggie bags on the leash, but tonight I did not. I noticed the station by my apartment not having bags and the one I passed by tonight did not have any either.

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ivana.padron McKinley Employee


I have connected with Maintence to ensure that all stations are filled with bags. I do apologize for the inconvenience of not having any last night and I will ensure that this does not happen again. I hope you are having a great day and that you have a great Thanksgiving! 




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First time leaving a comment and would love honest feedbacks! First thing first, I’ve been living on this property a little over a year and besides the issue I’m about to mention it’s been an ok experience so far, I’ve been complaining over and over about my upstairs neighbors, they make noise EVERYDAY ALL DAY but even worst at night. It’s a combination of jumping, running, banging, and stomping which is unbearable... the first couple of months I allowed it to slide until it became overwhelming, I notified the office and one of the employees informed me to reach out to the neighbor and talk it out and the other stated I called the police (which I didn’t). Long story short after months of just dealing with it I decided to let Ivana know I’m tired of it and this is my last time complaining. Apparently that ruffled some feathers and caused the neighbor to bang on my door like the police and disrespect, and threatened me because she wasn’t pleased with being “told on”.... what are the rightful procedures to take?'s picture

Happy Thanksgiving! Holiday Week Hours!!

Announcement for Conway Forest

Dear Residents,

We wanted to inform you of our Leasing Office hours for the week of Thanksgiving so that you are able to plan accordingly. We will be open during regular business hours from 9am-6pm on Monday and Tuesday, November 19th and 20th. We will be closing early on Wednesday, November 21st, and will be available in the office from 9am-3pm. Our offices will be closed this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for the Thanksgiving holiday,...

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Change to Trash Utility Fee

Announcement for Conway Forest

Dear Residents,

Allow me to start by saying thank you for being such a valuable resident of Conway Forest Apartments and for calling our community home. Your satisfaction is very important to us, and we hope that we have offered you top quality customer service, as well as, provided you with wonderful apartments.

I wanted to inform you due to rising costs and increase of services that are provided to us by our suppliers and vendors, we unfortunately will see an increase in our waste disposal services effective on 11/12/18 when the December charges are...

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Why are residents not being notified of the changes 30 days in advance by management as indicated by the lease rental agreement? It seems McKinley is failing to meet their lease obligations in notifying residents of upcoming increases BEFORE they’re passed on to renters.

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this is crazy you guys keep finding a way to get more money out of people first the water now for trash really your community has gotten so trashy in the last year that you have people moving out left and right and let not talk about your maintenance who do half as job 80% of the time I be glad to get rid of my own trash and not have to pay anything I will be coming to the office about this because that is bullshit

wdelvalle11's picture

Michele, if I recall, the lease states that the management company will notify the residents in writing of any increases to amenities or services they charge for to residents 30 days before. The management company has failed to do that with the water and now with trash but if you skip out on rent, they’re quick to harass and threaten eviction.

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yes I know all down your back about there money but have no worries when the keep doing shit like this

monaegillis's picture

Why are we being charged for trash that we have to take yourself it's not like there is a chute in each building I live in the far back and have to walk my trash and you guys are charging for trash!!!! What the hell

Shea_Saff's picture

Will valet trash be added to this unforeseen change???? How do we reap the benefits of this community when major things aren't being handled as promised, such as: issues with parking (no parking for those that actually signed a lease).

wdelvalle11's picture

just wait until they start charging form parking shea_saff

Shea_Saff's picture

Wdelvalle11, I wouldn't be surprised.

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So after the surprise water rate hikes this year, McKinley decides to increase our garbage rate too. One dumpster for 250 units, and half the time there's garbage everywhere, along with flies and the smell. And they come to empty the dumpster around 4:30am, which is a nice wake-up call. How about getting bids from other dumpster companys to see if you can keep costs down? This used to be wonderful place to live, but the rollovers in staff keeps it from being consistent and in touch with residents. BTW, Christmas is just the perfect time to spring this rate hike on us.