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Announcement for Bellagio

Dear Residents,


We want to first thank all of our residents who contribute and play their part in maintaining our property clean and clutter free by properly disposing of trash bags and large items.


Unfortunately, we have noticed an increased amount of trash bags being left outside the compactor, being disposed in our laundry facilities or in our doggy stations. This is not only unsightly, it is a health hazard as well and we take our residents safety extremely serious.

As a reminder this behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated, unfortunately the problem persists. We have chosen to take further measures with this issue. On average, the team spends about 2-3 hours each day ridding our community of trash.  This time would certainly be better spent on the service requests for your apartment and the community.  Delayed assistance for service requests impacts every resident when we experience issues with an overload of trash that needs to be picked up by our team daily.

Due to increasing trash being left outside of the dumpsters, on breezeways and around the community, we will be enforcing a $25 charge for the first trash bag and $50 for each bag thereafter upon determining which resident the trash belongs to.

Please make sure that all family members who take trash to the compactor/dumpster understand our policy and trash must be disposed inside of the compactor/dumpster area as designated.

Keep your trash bags inside of your apartment home until it can go directly to the dumpster – do not store them on your porch or breezeway as this can lead up to pest concerns and other animals coming to feed from the trash left in this areas.

We value your residency here at Bellagio and would like to continue making our community pleasant for everyone, we ask everyone to join us in keeping our community trash free and beautiful.

Please feel free to contact our office with any questions or concerns you may have regarding this matter.


Thank you,

Gisanny Nunez

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Is this issue been happening a while, was about time to have hidden cameras installed around the compactor so management were able to see who’s the resident doing it wrong. Another trash compactor should be placed on the other side of the community. Personally when I go to dump my garbage its always full and disgusting, so many apartments for just one compactor's picture

Seria tambien que pusieran otro contenedor para que no haiga tanta basura la otra ves fui y me tuve q traer la basura para atras estaba llena de cajas y otras cosas deberian un cajon para cosas q los residentes no usen como sillones o otros articulos tirarlos ahi pq por uno pagamos todos