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Feedback Problem for Bella Casa

I moved out in May, far away and have called the Bella Casa office about the return of my deposit but a lady told me to call back a week later or so which I did yesterday. She took my name and told me to hold while she pulls my file then left me there for 15 minutes which by then I had to hang up because I was at work and my break was over! It's not much of a deposit but it's still my money and if I'm not mistaken the time frame for my return has passed. In case there's any confusion about the procedure of security deposit returns here's a refresher: Section 83.49(a), F.S.

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sashort93 McKinley Employee

Nurit Folkes

Thank you for reaching out to me about your deposit. My name is Anna Short and I am the new Community Manager for Bella Casa. I want you to know that I have my CSM working on it now to find out what is going on with your deposit. Her name is Scarlin and you can reach her at 407-293-6940. She is in the office Mon- Fri 9am -6pm. Please reach out to her with any questions you might have. She is very knowledgable and can get you taken care of right away. Again I am sorry for any inconvienience. You can always reach me as well at the same number.

Thank you
Anna Short
Community Manager
Coconut Palms & Bella Casa

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Feedback Problem for Bella Casa

I have been here for about three weeks now. Everyday and nite i check to see if my internet is working which it is still not working . One of the reasons why i chose belle casa to live is because of the wifi. Everybody in this building say there internet is working find but mine is not. How frustrating. Somebody pls help 5515 #1

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Sbensharood McKinley Employee

Dear Phylette and Samuel,

I apologize for any inconveinence this may have caused you. Our internet providers were here yesterday evening replacing one of our routers that were down. As of today you should be able to connect and access the internet. You must register first by creating a username and password. At that point we will approve you to log on to the wifi. Once approved anytime you access the internet you will first have to log in on the Airimba registration page. if you are trying to log on with a laptop/ipad you are more than welcome to bring your device up by the office so we can help you get connected.

Best Regards,

Sarah Bensharood
Senior Sales Associate
Bella Casa Apartment Homes

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Come cool off and meet the staff of Bella Casa poolside for an ICE CREAM SOCIAL

Announcement for Bella Casa

I Scream, You Scream ... We all scream for ICE CREAM !As some of you may know Bella Casa has some new faces in the office. We would like to take the opportunity to meet and mingle with our residents over ice cream and refreshments. What better way to cool off on a hot summer day then an ice cream social !Join us for Ice cream poolside on Wednesday July 11th from 5-7pmIf you have any questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to call 407-730-2933

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Paco was FOUND!!!

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Thank you so much for your help!A resident at Bella Casa found Paco and returned him to our resident. A HUGE thank you to everyone that helped in the search for Paco. Special thanks to the resident that found him! You know who you are!- Coconut Palms Management

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Update on Paco

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Attention residents:On June 16th a fellow resident lost her puppy. Please help us come together as a community to find Paco. If you have any questions or information about Paco please contact the Coconut Palms Staff at 407-293-6940, Julie at 1-612-387-7189, or you can email me at . We need everyone's help with finding Paco! Thank you.

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Lost Dog

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Attention Residents:A fellow resident of ours has lost her dog. Her "child" is a black and tan male Chiuaua. If you have any information on this dog please contact the office immediately at 407-293-6940. Or you can email me at .Thank you so much for your help returning this lost dog to its owner that is desperately searching for him.-Coconut Palms Management

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Announcement for Bella Casa

You read this right! Once your friend moves into our community and lives here for a month you will receive $50 off that months rent. Call all your friends and tell them how much you love Bella Casa!!!!...

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Missing Cat

Announcement for Multiple Communities

have you seen this cat? Missing CarThis precious kitty ran away from home. He is the cat of one of your neighbors, and they miss him dearly. If you see this cat around the community, please let the office know :(

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jessica-romero McKinley Employee

This precious kitty was found :)

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Was Your New Years Resolution to Get into Shape?

Announcement for Multiple Communities

LA Fitness is offering a great enrollment special right now:$0 to Enroll! And only $7 per week!If you're unsure if LA Fitness is the place for you, go in and ask for Osman . Tell him you saw this post on My.Mckinley and he'll let you work out FREE for 3 days.If you want more information feel free to call 407-497-9833

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Treat Yourself!

Announcement for Multiple Communities

Or as the popular television character, Tom Haverford, from Parks and Recreation says "Treat Yo Self" There is no better way to start the new year then treating yourself! This past weekend I decided to embark on my own version of "Treat Yo Self 2012," and I wanted to share with all of you what I did to give you some nice local ideas :)Friday after work I headed over to the Mall at Millenia and got a haircut and style at the Regis Salon. Alison was my stylist and she did an AMAZING job! All of my friends...

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erinfoley McKinley Employee