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Announcement for Multiple Communities

Good Afternoon Residents,

With vehicle break-ins and theft on the rise in the Orlando area we thought we'd provide a few tips for crime prevention. I was able to gather the below information from the Central Florida Crime Prevention Association website so I will list the link below.

Burglary is the most common threaten to our home. Most burglaries occur during daylight hours and many intruders gain access through open doors and windows.

Tips to Prevent a Home Burglary

  1. Whenever you go outside, lock the door and take the key with you, even if you are just stepping out for a few minutes.
  2. Don't put valuables where they can be seen from the window, especially items that can be easily carried.
  3. Don't keep large amounts of cash or valuable jewelry around the house.
  4. If someone comes to your door asking to use the telephone, make the call yourself. Don't invite them in.
  5. Don't hide a spare key under the door mat or under a flower pot. Thieves know all the good hiding places.
  6. Always double check doors at night and lock all window
  7. Make sure you utilize the peephole.
  8. Never open the door to strangers.-Ask the maintenance technicians or other providers you are not familiar with for identification prior to openening the door.
  9. Keep your home well lit at night, inside and out.
  10. Draw the curtains and blinds at night.
  11. Engrave your valuables (don't use your Social Security number) and list their serial numbers and description.
  12. Install a security system- wireless systems are permitted
  13. Inform the Leasing Office if you notice any exterior building lights, entry lights and parking lights that are out.

Tips for Preventing Car Break-ins

  1. Lock your doors- Even if you're running into the store for a few seconds that's too long to leave your vehicle's contents open for the taking. Simply locking the doors will deter those who might just be waiting around for an easy target.
  2. Keep it tidy- Almost any worthless personal item that's visible from the outside -- even an empty shopping bag -- could be seen as a valuable or a carrier of valuables.
  3. Conceal all the evidence- Don't leave any bait out for thieves; stow your electronics and accessories well out of sight-or better yet, bring it with you. The evidence alone might be enough to pique the interest of thieves, so hide that too, including power plugs, telltale iPod adapters, or nav-system windshield suction-cup mounts, and even put the cigarette lighter back in place. 
  4. Stash before -- not after -- you park- Get in the habit of putting shopping bags in the trunk right when you return to the vehicle, rather than after you park at the next place. According to National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) spokesman Frank Scafidi, thieves sometimes linger in busy parking lots looking for valuables being moved out of sight. Don't display to them what you have.

Of course we can not guarantee safety anywhere but hopefully these tips help decrease the chance of anything occuring. I've referenced the sites I gathered the above information from below. Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

I hope you have a great weekend!


Mary Beth Lopez