Parking Lot Sealcoating Begins Tomorrow

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Announcement for Bella Casa

Good Evening Bella Casa Residents,

As long as the weather permits, we will begin sealcoating the parking lot in Section 1 tomorrow, September 13th. As per the notice, we ask that you relocate your vehicle to another location on the property prior to 7am. Please be advised that all parking rules apply therefore you can not park on the curb. Once sealcoating is completed, they will return to re-stripe the parking lot the following day. I apologize for any inconvenience the rescheduling may have caused and appreciate your patience. Thank you.


Mary Beth Lopez

Community Manager

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How is the mailman supposed to come? And how do we walk across to get our mail of we can't walk on the parking lot?

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So there’s absolutely no parking left and there are about 20+ cars lined up on the curb bc of this sealant that was due a couple months ago. We better not get towed bc there is nothing we can do but park on the curb. I have pictures in case anybody gets towed to prove there is no available parking. The other day about 10 residents got towed bc McKinley property decides they want to start towing again without giving any of its residents a notice that they renewed a contract with Priority 1 towing on 9-12-18. The least the property can do is say they will begin reinforcing the parking policy. I understand no parking on the curb but when people are parking on the curb for almost a whole year without anybody getting towed, nobody is expecting the policy to still be in place. Seems like a money hungry scam to be honest. If there’s going to be towing it should There’s hardly any parking available ever. Sometimes there is parking on side 1 by the dumpsters. However, I concern myself parking so far from my apartment (completely opposite end). So what is Mckinely going to do about this recurring issue? Keep towing their residents’ cars? Been here 3 years and only have seen the tow truck come about 2-3 times and have not had ANY upgrades to our unit. A/c is always messing up. Get it together McKinley. Needless to say I will be looking else where next year.

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Apologies, they renewed 9-9-18.