Red Travel Warning

Hello Residents,

The mayor has issued a Red Travel Warning for Indianapolis which means that only emergency vehicles and persons with emergencies should be on the road and are issuing tickets if you are caught driving.  The mayor is re-evaluting this around 12pm today to see if the warning will be lifted today.  Also, the wind chills are going to be 30-40 degrees below zero today.  Use extreme caution if you do go outside.  

Our maintenance staff worked late last night trying to keep-up with the streets and sidewalks.  They are out now and will be the rest of the day.  Do be careful if you decide to go out as with the blowing snow, the guys can be hard to see at times.  

If you have a maintenance emergency please call the office and use the emergency option on the phone.  We will not be able to do "normal work orders" today so that the team can address the snow.

Please let me know if you need anything.

Stay safe and warm.


Announcements submitted by Kford for Brandywine, The Courts.