Bunn1008 · 2 days 2 hours ago
Two days
JonasHoedebecke · 1 day 8 hours ago

Thank you very much for this feedback. Josh does such as amazing job for us and it's awesome to hear it from you :) I'm going to make certain that Josh hears of your praises immediately.

Thank you again!

Jonas Hoedebecke
Community Manager
JonasHoedebecke · 3 days 10 hours ago
Good Morning!

The plan is for the pool to remain open throughout September. Of course, this is weather dependent but that's the plan for now. Please let me know if you have any other questions :)


Jonas Hoedebecke
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Back to School!!

Hey McKinley Residents,


It's that time of year again!  School is about to be in full swing, and we're ready for it here in Champaign, IL.  Are you?


I've compiled a list of back-to-school activities, tips, and reminders that will hopefully inspire everyone to have a fun, enjoyable, safe, and most importantly educational school year.



Your children have probably had a fun summer, but it's coming to an end.  It's time to prepare the children for a successful start to the new school year.  I found a list of tips at http://www.cleveland.com/parents/ to help make the transition from summer to classroom a bit easier:

1)  READ!  It's too late to sign up for library summer reading programs, but if you've got elementary-aged kids, you could make up your own. Maybe an ice cream cone reward after they read five books. For really little ones, head to the library for an air-conditioned story hour, as practice for preschool.

2)  Cook. Your kids can read the recipe, practice math by measuring ingredients, and get to taste yummy concoctions.

3)  Visit a museum or a nearby zoo. Have the kids help you with directions, do math to figure out how far you have to drive, and how long it'll take you. Read about exhibits and ask questions. Maybe look up the answers together afterward. At the very least, the trip will give your kids something to write about in the standby "What I did on my summer vacation" essay.

4)  Play games! Memory, puzzles, board games and Go Fish can all work kids' brains.

5)  Compile your favorite summer snapshots into a scrapbook. Have them help you cut up tourist brochures and write captions.

6)  If your kids have stayed up until sunset all summer long, start pushing their bedtimes earlier, by about 10 minutes each day. Then enjoy a few extra minutes of peace and quiet. Of course your mornings are about to get much more hectic.

7)  Arrange play dates with classmates your kids may not have seen for months, to rekindle friendships.

8)  Shop! School supplies shopping is fun for kids and everyone likes showing up to school in a new school outfit.

9)  Enter important dates – parent-teacher conferences, school concerts, science fairs, bake sales, etc. -- into your calendar, so they don't sneak up on you.

10)  Designate a well-lit, comfortable homework spot and keep it clear of clutter.

11)  Designate a spot for important papers, and figure out what you're going to do with all those coloring pages and kid creations.

Finally, make some back-to-school resolutions.  Maybe you resolve to make lunches the night before, or pick out outfits for a week at a time, so you avoid scrambling for socks or trying to talk down an I-HAVE-NOTHING-TO-WEAR! tantrum.


College Students

Classes are starting soon, and the all-to-familiar crunch time is here.  Don't wait til the last minute.  I've found the a "College Survival Guide" with ideas and checklists to get you prepared for the coming school year.  You can visit http://www.gocollege.com/survival for the complete list, but here's a quick summary of important topics:

-Financial Responsibility on Campus

-Study Tips

-Use Classroom Time Wisely

-Writing Tips


-It's Okay to Have Fun

-Dealing With Dorm Life


Everyone Else

While you may not be in school or preparing children or family members, there are important reminders for all of us during this busy time of year.  Straight from the City of Champaign website, please remember the following:

Reminders for Drivers: 

When approaching a marked school crossing zone between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m., on days when school is in operation and when schoolchildren are present, a driver must:

-Stop all wireless phone communications; -Yield to any children or adults crossing in the crosswalk area; -Reduce vehicle speed to 20 mph; speeding in a school crossing zone could result in a $150 fine.

Reminders for Pedestrians:

-Pedestrians should cross at designated intersections and crosswalks, and such movement should only occur when the pedestrians have the right of way. -No pedestrian shall suddenly leave a curb or other place of safety and walk or run into the path of a moving vehicle, which is so close as to constitute an immediate hazard.


I wish everyone a great start to the school year!  Best,


-Andy Lindsey

Senior Sales Associate

McKinley, Inc.

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JonasHoedebecke · 3 weeks 2 days ago
Hello Zach,

Adrienne Umbarger is now handling all accounts at Hessel on the Park. I've notified her of this situation and she is looking into it today. Is there a phone number you can be reached directly at today? You can email Adrienne or I with that information at Adrienne.umbarger@mckinley.com or Jonas.hoedebecke@mckinley.com.


Jonas Hoedebecke
JonasHoedebecke · 3 weeks 4 days ago
Hey Daman,

I was informed this morning that Chris came our and inspected the fridge over the weekend. Chris relayed to me that the unit is cooling properly and the unit was defrosting itself from being turned to too cold of a setting. Always remember, when changing the setting on the fridge you should keep 2 things in mind.....#1. it will take 24-48 hours for the change to take effect, #2. you should only make very small incremental changes until the fridge is at what you consider to be the perfect temperature -- it's very easy to freeze or thaw items by adjusting the settings.

Please contact me directly if you have any further issues with the fridge so that I may personally be a part of the repair process.

Thank you for letting me know about this issue!


Jonas Hoedebecke
Community Manager
dsingh · 3 weeks 4 days ago
Hey Jonas
As you said Chris came on saturday,I showed him the water which was accumulated.We reduced the cooling of the refrigerator to avoid defrosting itself because of it being turned too cold(as you mentioned).Chris told me that he will come today to check again this issue. Additionally i found that reducing the temperature has no effect on defrosting problem. The issue still remains as of today.
I can reduce it further but I think thats not the problem.
JonasHoedebecke · 3 weeks 4 days ago
Hey Daman,

Chris should have, or will be, swinging by again today. You can cause the fridge to defrost by turning it down also. It will defrost in 1 of 2 ways. 1) turning temp too cold will cause the Auto Defrost Function. 2) decreasing the temperature too fast will also cause a Manual Defrost.

Please email me directly if we continue to have issue after today -- Jonas.hoedebecke@mckinley.com. At that point, we would just replace the fridge and work on making repairs to it in our shop.

I look forward to your email either way.


dsingh · 3 weeks 1 day ago
Hey Jonas
This is a gentle reminder that my refrigerator is not fixed yet and no body came to look at it.
From my side I tried reducing the temperature again to setting 3 and waited for 2 days to see if the issue is fixed but seems like water is still logging on all the food items.
I am requesting again to either change the refrigerator or fix it as soon as possible

JonasHoedebecke · 3 weeks 1 day ago
Hey Daman,

I'll be by today with our maintenance supervisor around 12pm and get a permanent resolution or replacement organized :)


dsingh · 2 weeks 6 days ago
Hey Jonas

Thanks for replacing the refrigerator. It is indeed a big relief for me. Keep up the good work!!!

JonasHoedebecke · 2 weeks 3 days ago
You are very welcome Daman!! Please reach out to me direct anytime you need something :)

HS014322083 · 4 weeks 4 hours ago
Water service its ok now. Thanks
JonasHoedebecke · 4 weeks 3 hours ago

Sorry about that we encountered a leak emergency. Water service should be restored now :)

JonasHoedebecke · 4 weeks 3 days ago
Hello Mr. Dao,

I have a tech scheduled to come out to your unit today :) Feel free to email me with any other needs you have!!!


Jonas Hoedebecke
Community Manager
JonasHoedebecke · 5 weeks 7 hours ago
Hey Daman,

I will be calling you today to go over this. Keep in mind, water/sewer/trash is going to fluctuate each month based on the allocated usage of the building. If you are not available via phone, please shoot me an email at Jonas.hoedebecke@mckinley.com so I can go over everything with you via email or schedule a time to meet :)

Thanks Daman,

Jonas Hoedebecke
Community Manager
JonasHoedebecke · 5 weeks 1 day ago

That number is accurate. We check voicemails multiple times per day to make sure we don't miss anything. As always, if you need immediately assistance, emailing me directly is the best method :) I'm very happy to hear you may have a friend joining our community.

If you haven't already been followed up with, reach out to me directly at Jonas.hoedebecke@mckinley.com and I will take care of you and your friend personally!!

Thanks Hari,

Jonas Hoedebecke
Community Manager
JonasHoedebecke · 5 weeks 2 days ago
Hey Josh,

The holdover notice is a standard notice for anyone still there beyond the lease end date in our system. You have my word in writing that you are not being billed that fee :)

Thanks Josh,

Jonas Hoedebecke
Community Manager
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